Flexible Device Targeting for Efficient Endpoint Management

Endpoint solutions should adapt to your organization, not the other way around.

Leverage attribute-based targeting for flexible endpoint management that easily fits into your existing IT structure and workflow.

FDT Endpoint Management

What is flexible device targeting?

Flexible device targeting enables users to execute patch and software policies across a set of endpoints based on specific attributes, such as hostname, IP, OS, or even custom tags. Users can create filters and conditions within policies to easily target specific endpoints, offering policy flexibility that drives unparalleled ease-of-use.

Streamlined endpoint management, at scale

Using attribute-based endpoint policies, the Automox platform delivers radical efficiency and precision for managing large-scale endpoint deployments that span multiple environments, regions, and organizational units. With flexible device targeting, organizations can rapidly tailor-fit endpoint policies to meet changing operational needs and workflows.

Simplify IT workflow management

No need to reconfigure endpoint groups or policies to accommodate varying use cases. Greater policy customization and flexibility allows you to easily apply policies to any combination of endpoints, minimizing the number of steps and driving greater efficiency.

Automate with precision

Enhanced customization allows for greater precision when applying a policy to a specific set of endpoints. Whether it’s an automated or single use policy, you can easily target endpoints by applying filters based on shared attributes.

Empower the enterprise

Whether you’re managing 100 endpoints or 1,000,000 endpoints, flexible device targeting makes it easy to take action on any set of endpoints for any scenario. Quickly and easily customize policies to target endpoints scattered across various groups, environments, and business segments.

A Simple and intuitive web portal that makes a hard job easy.

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Cut costs with an easier, faster approach to endpoint management

Why Automox?

Automox is leading the industry in building and delivering modern IT operations solutions. With flexible device targeting, scale your endpoint management faster than ever before.