Easily automate updates and gain complete visibility into software installed everywhere.

What is software deployment management?

Software deployment management is the ability to deploy software remotely on individual computers, multiple desktops, or even on every system across an organization's infrastructure. Effective software management allows organizations to seamlessly install or remove software across their devices, enabling employees to do their jobs without interruption and ensuring all necessary devices are in compliance with corporate standards.

Software management tools must allow organizations to effectively track all endpoints by providing full visibility of software inventory and the versions installed across company devices, no matter the location or the domain. Automated software deployment removes the burden of having to manually update endpoints, reducing the amount of labor and cost necessary to keep devices up-to-date.

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Key benefits and technical requirements of our cloud-native patch management tool.

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Simplify third-party software deployment and management

Deploy and manage any new software with ease

Modern applications require constant updates. Deploying, installing, and keeping software up-to-date can be a complex, time-consuming chore with negative impacts for users. Paired with the difficulty of managing remote devices and receiving confirmation of a successful installation or uninstallation, the situation is needlessly complicated.

Automox's cloud-native console combined with the power of Automox Worklets™ gives IT administrator teams control to deploy any new software, at scale and with ease.

Install new software with confidence

Relying on hand-coded scripting languages to deploy software at scale can leave IT teams in the dark about their success rate. Relying on endpoint users to install locally opens up endpoints to unnecessary security risks and less confidence in the completed task.

Automox reduces the complexity of software deployment while raising the confidence of success. From automated installations based on policies to one-off software installations through Automox Worklets, IT admins can deploy and verify installation from our cloud-native console.

Uninstall unwanted software

With a heavier focus on OS patching and lack of visibility into software inventory, third-party software is often not updated and unauthorized applications are installed without the knowledge of the IT department. Both situations leave endpoints vulnerable.

Automox enables IT administrators to automatically uninstall unwanted software from any endpoint and verify the results from its cloud-native console.

Automox is the first patch management software I can trust to get the job done without babysitting.

Danny Reed // Tooele Technical College



Enforce required software

As regulatory compliance for software systems becomes increasingly important for every organization, enforcing software requirements for legacy and new systems is crucial.

With Automox, you can automatically enforce remediation across all devices to ensure your critical software is installed and up-to-date. Automox allows you to maintain and verify cyber hygiene compliance across your network.


Customize enforcement across your infrastructure

Achieving compliance goals for a given set of software requirements differs per application and system. One size does not fit all, and managing everything necessary to enforce requirements across every system is a huge time suck.

Automox's granular policy controls and flexible Worklets allow administrators complete control over their cyber hygiene. Now you can enforce software requirements across workstations, by policy, by group, or for individual devices.

Why Automox?

Automox leads the industry in building and delivering modern cyber hygiene solutions that provide the fundamental benefits to be confident in system security.

Asset and inventory management

Asset and inventory management

Get full control and visibility into all assets in your environment with critical information on each. With Automox, you can remotely deploy software across Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints anywhere in the world from a single, cloud-native console. No need to manage on-site distribution servers or rely on users to connect via a VPN in order to receive software updates.

Quickly remediate vulnerabilities

Quickly remediate vulnerabilities

Automox enables administrators to remediate vulnerabilities quickly across all their endpoints. Our automated, cloud-native console and automated vulnerability sync feature allows one-button upload of CVE lists making remediation faster and simpler.

Group your devices to best fit your needs

Group your devices to best fit your needs

Groups and tags enable you to segment your organization's devices to simplify patching and configuration management. Manage all endpoints with a single endpoint hardening solution, optimizing workflows and increasing productivity.