Integrate all the features, functionality, and reporting in the Automox interface right into your company's own branded user interface.

What is a rich API

Short for application programming interface, an API is an interface that easily facilitates communication between multiple software applications. Quite simply, API is a service that helps two different applications interact. Intended to simplify the implementation and maintenance of software. APIs can automate routine tasks between different applications, accelerating processes, and increasing overall efficiency.

Automox is committed to providing our customers and partners with a modern cloud-native IT operations platform that includes a rich API supported with best-practices OpenAPI definition. This means that all the features, functionality, and reporting that you can see in the Automox UI can be integrated into your company's native tools.

Automox Data Sheet

Key benefits and technical requirements of our cloud-based patch management tool.

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Automox API documentation

View a comprehensive list of all Automox API commands and syntax.

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Extend functionality through APIs

Leverage existing infrastructure through API integrations

Automox provides a suite of powerful APIs to enable customers to enhance their cyber hygiene workflows. Automox recognizes that customers may be using a variety of products to manage their IT environment, and the Automox platform is designed to be as open and extensible as possible.

These APIs offer customers the opportunity to leverage the Automox platform alongside their existing tools to ensure complete integration of automation into cyber hygiene workflows.

We have yet to find a piece of software that Automox has been unable to patch.

Jonathan Sibray //
University of Colorado Law School
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Go the extra API driven mile

Automox APIs allow customers to personalize and adapt the Automox platform capabilities to meet their needs. Use as much, or as little data as needed to enhance and improve your cyber hygiene workflows.

Robust Automox APIs offer customers a wide range of actions that can be integrated into other tools, expanding the capabilities of existing solutions while also offering efficiency improvements for users.

Patching is a thankless, redundant job that should be automated, which is why we chose Automox.

Jared Haggerty // CEO of Databerry
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Extra reporting data

Export the data you need, when you need it

Regulation needs for both organizations and governments are an ever shifting target. APIs allow customers to quickly pull the data they need, when they need it to meet these evolving requirements.

Automox's always up-to-date compliance data ensures that the data pulled from the API is correct and in real-time.

Having all my security status data centralized in one place makes my life a whole lot less stressful.

Corey Dolan // Tekside.IO
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Why Automox patch management?

Automox is leading the industry in building and delivering modern cyber hygiene solutions that deliver the fundamental benefits needed to be confident in system security.

Robust, well-documented API

Robust, well-documented API

A full suite of capabilities in the Automox console are available through APIs. Automox provides customers with comprehensive documentation on APIs.

API integration improves efficiencies

API integration improves efficiencies

Automox's APIs allow customers to reach new levels of efficiency by leveraging existing tools and technologies. Users are able to combine the functionality of Automox into other IT tools for improved cyber hygiene workflows.

Complete asset and inventory management

Complete asset and inventory management

Automox provides full control and visibility into the vulnerability status of all assets in your environment with critical information on each. You can remotely patch, configure, and deploy software across Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints anywhere in the world from a single, cloud-native interface.

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