Ditch the complexities of VPNs and on-prem patch management servers. Keep your endpoints patched, configured, and secured without any infrastructure or ongoing maintenance with cloud patch management from Automox.

What is cloud patch management?

Cloud patch management uses cloud-enabled tools to manage and apply OS and third-party patches and software updates to endpoints. Cloud-native solutions are location-, domain-, and platform-agnostic. If it's connected to the internet, it can be managed with Automox.

Why is cloud patch management better?

Legacy solutions struggle to manage hybrid environments that have cloud and on-prem workloads. Cloud solutions don't require infrastructure investments or maintenance, so they save time and money with access to every device, even remotely, without a VPN

Automox modern endpoint management is simple, light, versatile, and built for action. With Automox, you don't need patch servers (or any hardware), clunky connections, or multiple solutions for different OS platforms. Patch, configure, control, and secure your endpoints all from one cloud-enabled platform.

On-Prem vs. Cloud Patch Management

Read up on why a VPN-free, cross-OS solution is the better way to go.

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Vendor evaluation cheat sheet

Things to consider as you evaluate options for moving patch management to the cloud.

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Improve your patch management efficiency with a cloud‑native solution


Reduce complexity by eliminating on-prem patch servers

The majority of today's endpoint management solutions require hardware for each location, which demands constant versioning maintenance as vendors release new features and bug fixes.

As a completely cloud-enabled endpoint management platform, Automox does not require any local hardware to maintain so you can focus more time and energy on the real work at-hand.


Boost productivity - and morale

As legacy endpoint management solutions struggle to maintain devices and infrastructure within the confines of their architecture, understaffed organizations need more efficient, cost-effective, and flexible solutions to address today's challenges. Automox's automated patching will help your team accomplish more with less effort.

Automox customers are able to onboard and begin automated patching in less than 15 minutes.


Put an end to maintenance and hassles

Say goodbye to complex on-prem infrastructure that demands unnecessary effort to manage and maintain. Cloud-native means a zero-maintenance, globally available modern SaaS architecture with no servers, no software to manage, and no training to attend

Automox just works and helps you automate routine tasks so you can recapture time wasted on the tedium of manually patching multiple operating systems and updating third party software.


Get instant value

Automox practically pays for itself on day one. There's no infrastructure to maintain, no patch catalog to curate, and no ongoing manual maintenance.

Organizations using Automox are fixing vulnerabilities in days, not weeks, while realizing an reduction of 80% on their endpoint management cost.

We have yet to find a piece of software that Automox has been unable to patch.

Jonathan Sibray // University of Colorado Law School

Why Automox?

As the industry's easiest-to-use endpoint management platform, Automox can patch, configure, and control any endpoint any time, anywhere.

Easier to use than legacy on-prem solutions

Easier to use than legacy on-prem solutions

Automox is simple to configure and manage from day one, featuring a beautifully designed user interface that enables you to schedule and automate patch deployments quickly as well as create and apply policies to any system anywhere in the world.

Seamless roll out of Windows, macOS, and Linux security updates and software allows for straightforward control over your endpoint. From “click, set, forget” automation to complete scheduling and workflow control, Automox results in incredible time savings, reduced risk, and improved productivity.

Endpoint hardening from a single console

Endpoint hardening from a single console

Reduce tool fatigue and fragmentation created by years of complicated and outdated tools for every supported operating system. Patch, configure, track inventory, and report the vulnerability status of all your endpoints from a single interface, no matter the location or domain.

Automated patching and remediation at your fingertips

Automated patching and remediation at your fingertips

Automation is vital to patching and remediating your endpoints before adversaries can exploit vulnerabilities.

With Automox Worklets™, you can automate and enforce any scriptable action on endpoints, from software deployment to enforcing local configuration policies. If it can be written in PowerShell (Windows) or Bash (Linux and macOS), it can be automated with Automox.