Cloud Patch Management: Move Beyond Legacy Infrastructure

Ditch the complexities of on-prem patch management servers and solutions. Automox is the leading cloud-native solution for quickly and easily keeping your software up to date without on-prem hassles.

What is cloud patch management

Cloud patch management uses cloud-based tools to manage and apply the latest software updates to servers, desktop computers, and laptops across an organization. This approach saves significant time and money compared to traditional patch management solutions, which require an on-premises “patching server” that must also be kept up to date.

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Key benefits and technical requirements of our cloud-native patch management tool.

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Improve the efficiency of your patch management with a cloud-native solution

Reduce complexity by eliminating on-premises patch servers

The majority of today’s cyber hygiene solutions require on-premises hardware for each location, which demands constant versioning maintenance as vendors release new features and bug fixes.

As a completely cloud-native endpoint hardening platform, Automox does not require any on-premises hardware, so you can focus more time and energy on doing what matters for the business.

We have yet to find a piece of software that Automox has been unable to patch.

Jonathan Sibray //
University of Colorado Law School

Boost productivity – and morale

74% of today’s companies feel they can’t patch fast enough because they lack sufficient IT staff. A cloud-native solution that can automate patching tasks will help your team accomplish more with less effort.

Automox reduces your operational overhead by 80%, allowing your existing team to work smarter without the typical stress involved with legacy patch management.

Patching is a thankless, redundant job that should be automated, which is why we chose Automox.

Jared Haggerty // CEO of Databerry

Cut costs with an easier, faster approach to cybersecurity

Put an end to maintenance and hassles

Say goodbye to complex on-premises infrastructure that demands unnecessary effort from your IT team to manage and maintain. Cloud-native means a zero-maintenance, globally available modern SaaS architecture with no servers to buy, no software to manage, and no training to attend.

Automox just works and helps you recapture more than 50% of the time your organization currently spends managing their attack surface.

Having all my security status data centralized in one place makes my life a whole lot less stressful.

Corey Dolan // Tekside.IO

Get instant value

Automox pays for itself practically on day one. There’s no server to build, no database to maintain, no on-prem patch catalog to curate, and no ongoing versioning/patch updating of your cyber hygiene solution.

Organizations using Automox are spending 2-3X less effort in their patch management and realizing up to a 250% increase in their endpoint security investment by choosing Automox.

It just works. The client is easy to deploy and it is easy and intuitive to configure the policies.

Matthew Rehm // Methodist Theological School

Why Automox patch management?

Automox is leading the industry in building and delivering modern cyber hygiene solutions that provide the fundamental benefits needed to be confident in system security.

Easier to use than legacy on-premises solutions

Easier to use than legacy on-premises solutions

Automox is simple to configure and manage right from day one, featuring a beautifully designed user interface that enables you to quickly create and apply policies to any system anywhere in the world.

The software rollout is seamless and allows straightforward control over your endpoint hardening. From “click, set, forget” automation to complete scheduling and workflow control, Automox results in incredible time savings, greater corporate security, and improved productivity.

Endpoint hardening from a single console

Endpoint hardening from a single console

Reduce tool fatigue and fragmentation created by years of complicated and outdated on-premises product purchases. Patch, configure, track inventory, and report the vulnerability status of all your corporate devices from a single interface, no matter the location or domain.

Automated cyber hygiene at your fingertips

Automated cyber hygiene at your fingertips

Automation is vital to hardening your endpoints faster than adversaries can exploit vulnerabilities. Only Automox lets you automate any task that can be scripted on any endpoint, regardless of location or domain.

With Automox Worklets™, you can automate and enforce any scriptable action on endpoints, from software deployment to enforcing local configuration policies. If it can be scripted in PowerShell (Windows) or Bash (Linux and macOS), it can be automated with Automox.