Automox - the effortless, cloud-native alternative to WSUS

WSUS is useful as a limited patching tool, but it was never designed for modern endpoint management. Managing updates and patches across widely distributed environments with multiple platforms simply isn't possible. You don't want to just update Windows software behind a VPN. You want to update all your endpoints no matter what OS and third party applications they're running.

That's where Automox comes in. As a cloud-native, cross-OS platform for securing, updating, and configuring your endpoints, Automox delivers the visibility, insights, and control necessary for today's IT management. Start a trial today to see how you can manage IT operating with unprecedented speed, simplicity, and automation - while cutting costs by up to 80%.

6 Reasons why Automox is better

Whether you're looking for tools to extend your WSUS patching, or wanting to evolve past WSUS entirely, be sure to choose the solution that checks all the boxes.

Cloud-native consoleX
Native Cross-platform support for the latest Windows, macOS and LinuxX
Infrastructure-free architectureX
Reliable, real-time insights and visibiltyX
Remote workforce support without VPNX
Third-party patches for Java, Adobe, and Chrome, and more.X

It's clear why Automox is better.

Want to feel confident that your reports are accurate?

With one glance at your Automox console, you can be certain your endpoints are up-to-date and your inventories are accurate. You can't say the same about your WSUS reporting, which is notorious for showing results that a manual scan will contradict.

Wondering if it's possible for a single solution to patch 3rd party applications, too?

Vulnerabilities also exist in non-Microsoft products. Yet WSUS does not provide simple, straightforward options for updating anything but Windows software. Automox does, providing out-of-the-box support for 3rd party applications. Now, you can feel secure in your other business-critical products like Java, Adobe, Chrome, and more.

Looking for a simple, agile way to patch over the Internet?

Today, more workers operate from remote locations than ever. WSUS can only ensure all those remote endpoints get patched when they connect to the corporate network via VPN.

Automox, on the other hand, patches automatically every time a device is connected to the Internet.

Automox ranked the best cloud-native, cross-platform solution for patch management and IT operations.

According to the Winter 2020 G2 Patch Management Report, real customers ranked Automox as the highest rated cloud-native solution vs. other leading solutions. And more.

Leader Spring 2022

Automox continues to be one of the industry's leading solutions, according to first-party data from real customer reviews.

Highest User Adoption Spring 2022
Highest User Adoption

Getting started with Automox is quick, easy, and painless - regardless of OS, location, or third-party applications.

Easiest to do Business with Winter 2022
Easiest to Use

Customers rate Automox as the easiest IT operations solution on the market today.

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Overall User Rating

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