Automox vs. SolarWinds

Move to Automox, and you'll be up and running within 48 hours. You'll instantly start realizing the benefits of greater simplicity, agility, and cost-effectiveness through a cloud-native platform. Here's why Automox outperforms SolarWinds.

6 Reasons why Automox is better


Easier to Use

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Zero hassles, infrastructure, and maintenance

Automox's cloud-native endpoint management removes all the unnecessary barriers of on-premises SolarWinds solutions. Automox requires no servers, VPN, security configuration concessions, or extra software licenses.



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Faster, easier, and more cost-effective

Automox sets up instantly and reduces the time and expense of endpoint management by up to 80% compared to installing and maintaining a hardware-heavy solution like SolarWinds'.


Better Features

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Anytime, anywhere automation for any endpoint

If you can imagine it, Automox can automate it for any internet-connected endpoint with Automox Worklets™. SolarWinds is only capable of providing very limited automation that requires additional infrastructure.

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More scalable

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Greater agility and scalability

Automox is a flexible, extensible platform that streamlines IT without limits to scale, reach, or capacity. You can easily meet any rapidly changing endpoint management need. Not so much with SolarWinds.


Less Risk

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Less risk, better results

Automox eliminates vulnerabilities with zero-touch and sets the standard for remediating zero-day vulnerabilities within 24 hours, and critical vulnerabilities within 72.


More Collaboration

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More collaborative

Automox unites IT teams for rapid action and response with industry-leading ease-of-use across Windows, macOS, and Linux, along with a growing library of third-party applications.

Corey Dolan  //   IT Technician at Tekside.iO

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