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How We Worklet: macOS Incident Response (IR) Scripting Made Easy

Welcome to the second installment of our new blog series: How We Worklet.

Today, we have the great pleasure of talking shop with Automox Sr. Security Engineer extraordinaire Marina Liang about her Winning Worklet built to enhance your macOS Incident Response (IR) scripting experience.

But before we dive in and discover what Marina’s IR scripting Worklet is all about, let’s briefly touch on the mission of this blog series. Then we'll revisit just what a Worklet is and how you can use them within Automox.

From the How We Worklet series, you can expect to get a glimpse at how we're using our own product internally. Throughout the initiative, we'll share creative ways to use Automox beyond simple patching. We'll also address unique business and test cases.

Recap: What’s a Worklet and how is it used?

Automox Worklets™️ are super helpful automation tools. Worklets hand over the reins so you can automate any scriptable action on macOS, Linux, and Windows devices. What soul-crushing, manual task vexes you most? Script it and eliminate it.

When you write or use existing Worklets, you give your organization a shot at reaching its full automation potential. The best part is that Worklets help you do away with time-consuming manual tasks and help with compliance efforts.

Leverage Worklets to remediate zero-day or unpatched vulnerabilities. Or use them to configure your devices, disconnect unauthorized applications, roll back patches, etc.

To learn more about what a Worklet is and how it works, jump over to the Automox Community.

Today’s Winning Worklet: Incident Response Capture Script

Watch today's Winning Worklet brought to you by Sr. Security Engineer Marina Liang.

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