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Using the Automox Agent With a Proxy Server

Many organizations use a proxy server to manage and monitor internet traffic. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between a client and the external network. Some of the popular proxy servers include ProxySG and Squid, among others.

There are two typical configurations: caching and transparent. The most common, however, is a caching proxy. A caching proxy requires the client to be configured to use the proxy. This can be done through DHCP or manual configuration. A client would set the web proxy to an address. For example, with the port 3128. The network would be configured to only allow traffic outbound from and not directly from the client.

In a transparent proxy, the client does not need to know about the proxy server. Most often, it is run in line with the router and no client-side configuration is needed.

Automox Client Configuration - Linux

The Automox client needs the environment variable HTTP_PROXY set. This can be set in your current session using export “export HTTP_PROXY=”, replacing with your proxy server address and port. However, since the Automox agent will start automatically on bootup, the best practice is to ensure that this is set globally in the file /etc/profile.

Step 1: Begin by editing the file /etc/profile


Step 2: Append export HTTP_PROXY=http://yourProxyServer:yourProxyPort

Step 3: To verify the setting you can log out of your session, log in again and run “echo $HTTP_PROXY”

Automox Client Configuration – Windows

The Automox client requires a system environment variable be set. This is not a profile environment variable but rather a system environment variable.

Step 1: In the Control Panel select “System and Security”

Step 2: Select “System”

Step 3: Select “Advanced System Settings”

Step 4: Select “Environment Variables” in System Properties

Step 5: Select “New” under “System Variables”

Step 6: Variable configuration

  • Under Variable name enter: HTTP_PROXY
  • Under Variable value enter: the IP/Name of your proxy server and port. Select “OK”.

Step 7: Select “OK”

Just like that, your proxy server is now configured for the Automox agent!

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