User Experience for the IT System Administrator in the Automox Ecosystem

Customer and user experience is embedded into the fibre of our culture here at Automox. It’s part of our core values.

At every organization, the culture challenge is how to inspire employees to keep customer needs top of mind regardless of what their role is in the company.

We use empathy tools like personas, sure. But more than that, we regularly talk to our customers and include them in pre-development planning and ideation as well as validation of new features. Product managers, customer success managers, UX designers, engineers, quality assurance -- we all regularly speak  with our customers to enhance our Automox ecosystem; the UI platform, the API, documentation, and the community.

Specific to the UI, over the past six months, we’ve been making enhancements so that we can accelerate the development of new features and create an accessible and delightful experience.

First off, we have enhanced the mobile experience for those that have been wanting to use it on a tablet or smartphone. The responsive layout also allows for wide screen adjustments to add additional data columns when you just need an “spreadsheet like” experience of reviewing data. We audit our accessibility scores and adjust for a variety of screen dimensions.

We’ve introduced the utilization of UI frameworks which enable us to convert pages with little to no uniformity into predictable workflows that leverage an underlying component system.

Primary Navigation Now at the Top of the Console

We are moving the primary navigation to the top of the UI this week for several reasons. One is that it allows for more screen real estate for data grid views of your endpoints. Additionally, we are planning big changes in the future for account management and profile management so that content will be located in areas more consistent with our user’s needs and expectations. You can now access sub-navigation dropdowns from the primary navigation. Switching between multi-organization is much easier now with a search bar. Also, our help menu has been enhanced so you have direct access to your top resources.

We are setting the foundation for bulk actions through an enhanced data grid and action toolbar pattern throughout the console. We’ve added a column selector to our devices view so you can customize the way that you want to view your endpoints.

We’ve introduced new in-context notifications of task completion and failure and organized our help content into tool tips, better documentation, and release notes.

We’ve made it easier for users on the Manage plan to use our growing Worklet library and truly unlock the power of our platform for automating IT tasks across variable OS and endpoint types.

We’ve made several enhancements to the workflows for manual approvals, policies and settings.

Our customers told us they prefer the dark theme, but we had a lot of concerns about eye fatigue with the high contrast black colors, so we have recently released a refreshed branding and accessible color palette.

As you can see, we are committed to ensuring the user experience is top of mind for both big workflow changes and the small and subtle changes that add up to user frustration over time.

Join our community to share your user experience ideas and connect with myself and other system administrators. And if you’d like to be involved in our user research activities or provide feedback let us know!

And to learn more details about enhancements to the user experience, be sure to watch the short video, "What’s New in Automox - UX and UI Enhancements." We review our enhanced mobile, experience, data grid improvements, new color palette, and more!

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