Patching a Linux and Windows Environment

No matter how hard you try or how good your intent is, inevitably your infrastructure ends up with a few Linux machines mixed into your predominantly Windows environment. Or maybe you’re a Linux organization but require a few Windows boxes for specific tasks. Or perhaps it simply is what it is and you have a healthy mix of both Windows and Linux. Whatever the case, as long as they do what they’re supposed to do, all is good...until you have to patch them.

Patching a single environment is tough enough. Think about the number of frustrating hours spent in WSUS forums on StackExchange, Reddit, Spiceworks, and TechNet among others, looking for Windows patching and update answers. And hoping the solution doesn’t lead to an entirely new set of problems.

Linux isn’t much better. Rarely do you have just one distro in the infrastructure. Patching each one, like Ubuntu, Red Hat, Oracle, SUSE, and GNU is going to be just different enough that the point solutions that focus one specific distro won’t work on the other, creating more work for you with time that you simply don’t have to dedicate to patching.

Now, knowing that the majority of us operate in a mixed environment, the challenges to keep patching current compounds to the point of simply being too much to handle. It’s no surprise that patching is constantly pushed down the “to-do” list. Yet every IT and DevOps person know that patching is critical to maintain infrastructure stability and security.

Until now, the only solutions were expensive on-premise enterprise solutions that require a significant upfront investment, weeks or months of installation and training, third party support, and a include a bloated solution set that you don’t actually need, like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

We understand the frustration of patching a mixed environment. It’s one or the core reasons we built Automox. We knew there had to be a better way and set out to build it. Our focus is on patching every OS and software, no matter where they reside. If you have devices in Australia,   Finland, Mexico, or Singapore, regardless of operating system, you can patch it from one unified dashboard.

Automox has made Patch Management as a Service a reality. As a cloud based platform, there are no new servers to manage and no long configuration training. Fundamental to the design of the Automox platform is automation. We believe that every patch and endpoint setting should not only be automatically deployed... but also automatically monitored and maintained over time.

Automox helps you achieve 100% patched and compliant status through a constant cycle of endpoint evaluation and remediation. When an endpoint is detected to be non-compliant with a policy the platform automatically acts to bring the endpoint back into compliance and logs the activity - all of which is available to you at the click of a button.

To learn more about Patch Management as a Service, hit us up, we’re here to make your life a little easier. If you’d like to learn more about how we do it, you can read up on it here. It’s time to get your Linux and Windows patching under control.


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