Automox Now Offers Org Enforced Two-Factor Authentication for Increased Data Security

Automox is kicking off 2021 with all new recommended security features. Starting today, customers can now organizationally enforce two-factor authentication to the Automox Console for all users whether new or existing using email, Google Authenticator, Authy, or other mobile applications during enrollment. Automox previously closed out Q4 2020 with a SOC 2 Type 2 certification and this feature update builds upon that foundation in aligning with industry best practices.

What Is 2FA And Why Is It Important?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security feature used as a way of authenticating a user by requiring two separate forms of information prior to accessing an account, computer system, or protected resource. Each factor relates to the way in which a computer system or service validates that a user is who they claim to be prior to enabling the system to grant access. For example, if you have ever used an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), you’ve used 2FA. Your PIN is “something you know” and the magnetic card inserted is “something you have,” two different factors to authenticate successfully. Another example would be an online banking portal prompting for a secret answer that only you would know upon log in.

You already use one factor to access the Automox Console, your username and password. In enforced 2FA, a user is also required to prove their identity in another way. Three distinct but different authentication factors are commonly used and range from “something you know,” “something you are,” or “something you have.” Your standard username and password is an example of “something you know” and  “something you have” could be a cellular phone or a separate email address. It is worth nothing that using an email address as a second factor would only be viable if the credentials to access it were different, thus password hygiene is important as well. “Something you are” could be a fingerprint or retinal scan but for the purpose of this blog, that will not be an option available to customers.

While hackers are constantly changing their approaches in order to overcome security barriers, buying and selling compromised credentials on underground criminal markets has become much more prevalent. Single factor authentication has a lower threshold for an attacker to overcome in order to gain unauthorized access and compromise a trusted or protected resource. By adding another validating factor, an attacker would have to compromise two separate means of authentication, elevating the difficulty.

Getting Started with Automox 2FA

As mentioned earlier, Automox has added the capability for a second factor using email, Google Authenticator, Authy, or other mobile applications during enrollment. Administrators are able to enforce 2FA in the Automox Console from the Settings > Security tab and any prior existing users will default to email as a second factor.

While an organization may decide not to enforce 2FA, users will still have the flexibility to enable 2FA for themselves if they desire the added security feature functionality. To read more about this feature release or engage in discussion, please see our Automox Alive Community.

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