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At Automox, we are committed to making it easier for IT professionals to keep their infrastructures secure. We do this by automating the four key components of cyber hygiene, which are:

  1. Keeping operating systems patched
  2. Keeping software patched
  3. Managing 3rd party software deployment
  4. Managing endpoint configurations

To help make the process easy and intuitive, we’re launching a library of how-to videos that show customers and prospects how to take full advantage of the Automox console and make managing those four fundamental practices easier. Below are the newest Automox product feature videos:

How To Use The Devices Page

How To Use Groups

How To Configure Policies

How To Manage Your Systems

These videos are designed to help you see how easy it is to manage the configuration of your Devices, set up Groups to govern similar-type devices, set up Policies that apply to those groups, and get visibility into the System Management of your entire infrastructure.

About Automox

Automox’s cloud-based, automated patch management solution simplifies patching and configuration management across Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and third-party software. Based in Boulder, Colo., privately held Automox provides IT managers and system administrators with a patching system of record to track, control and manage their patch management process, providing greater security, improved productivity and significant time savings. Automox protects tens of thousands of customer endpoints for organizations including Greyhound Lines, Hootsuite, NASA, Quicken, Yale University, Xerox, Dollar Shave Club and more. To sign up for a free, 15-day trial of Automox’s cloud-based, automated patch management solution, visit www.automox.com/signup.

Holly Hamann, CMO

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