New Automox Feature: Single-Org SAML

The Automox team is excited to announce new functionality that increases the security of your Automox organization while making it easier than ever to manage users and access - Single sign-on (SSO) support for single organizations. With SSO, you can connect any single-org Automox account to a wide range of identity management tools, including Okta, OneLogin, Google, and Active Directory (AD).

SSO enhances the security of your organization, centralizing identity and access management and putting you fully in control of users and licensing. SAML-based SSO is available for all Automox plans. Today, SAML for more than one organization (multi-org) is not supported. This functionality will be available in Q4 2018.

Check out this feature release webinar for more information.

Features and Functionality

Automox uses the industry-standard SAML 2.0 framework for Single Sign On. Any provider you use today for Identity Management can connect to Automox in a few easy steps. Automox supports both IDP (Identity Provider) and SP (Service Provider) initiated SSO. Once configured, all users in your environment will be required to use SAML authentication.

With SAML enabled, you can also set up automatic provisioning of new users from your Identity Provider. Instead of managing invites and licenses by hand in Automox, you can now add authorized users to the Automox app in your Identity Provider. Once they attempt to login for the first time, an Automox license will automatically be created for them.

A custom logout URL is also supported, redirecting your users to a site of your choosing after they log out of Automox. A logout URL is a popular way to guide users back to your internal dashboard or Identity Provider.

Getting Started

If you currently use Automox for a single organization, SAML is available today. You can configure SAML from the Settings > Security page. 2FA will be automatically disabled when SAML is enabled.

If your organization uses Okta for identity management, you can easily configure an app to enable full SAML authentication. Automox will have an Okta-listed app available in September, or you can create a custom app for Automox.

Automox SAML also works with any other Identity Provider. You can configure Automox and your Identity Provider by following this guide.

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