Linux Hack of the Week #15: Using Nmap Zenmap

See last week's Linux Hack of the Week, on configuring Squid in Linux, here.

Everyone should know about Nmap. Nmap is a great reconnaissance tool which can be used to scan your network for devices and services. Often, I run it for discovery when I am performing an assessment, or scanning my network for things like rogue DHCP or DNS servers. However, one problem with Nmap is that it does not yield nice looking results as shown below:

But, a tool called Zenmap not only creates better visualization but is also an easy to use GUI for different scans.


Simply run:

dnf install nmap-frontend


Launching zenmap is as easy as running it:



First, run a quick scan. Put the subnet in and select ‘Quick Scan’. Run the scan:

You can see the results in the ‘Nmap Output’ box below. This shows the hosts on the left and the details on the right:

Nmap is full of great information, but what I find to be the most helpful is the Topology tab:

You might notice the difference in colors on this diagram. Here, yellow and red indicate a higher number of open ports.

Intense Scan

An intense scan looks at additional ports leading to more discovery and additional information. However, it does take quite a bit more time to complete.

Looking at this output, we see additional discovery on one of the hosts.


Nmap is an invaluable tool for security pros, as well as sys admins. By using the Zenmap tool, use of Nmap and output are much easier. The next time you are looking at your enterprise, try it out. As always feel free to let me know if you have any questions:

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