Introducing the Automox G Suite Single Sign-On Integration

Increase the security and ease of use of your Automox installation with Automox’s new Google G Suite Single Sign On integration!

With the G Suite to Automox SAML Single Sign-On integration, you can provide your G Suite users easy and secure access to Automox and manage them through a single tool. Single Sign-On allows G Suite administrators to cut setup and management time, reduce corporate attack surface, and rapidly scale Automox to more users.

Single Sign-On is a core component of a good Cyber Hygiene strategy, alongside patching your OS and 3rd party software, maintaining device configurations, and installing the right software on your devices. With SAML Single Sign-On, administrators can require users to leverage their Google credentials instead of maintaining another username and password in Automox. If users need to be deprovisioned, they only need to be removed from one central identity management system.

Automox’s Google SAML integration supports both IDP (Identity Provider) and SP (Service Provider) initiated login, allowing users to either login through the Automox console or navigate to Automox through an app in G Suite. During configuration, administrators can optionally enable provisioning, which automatically creates a Read Only Automox user license when a user attempts login from G Suite. Automox also supports a Logout URL, redirecting users to the chosen URL on logout.

Read more about Automox’s G Suite SAML integration, or start configuring the integration in the Automox console.

Not a G Suite user? Automox provides out of the box connectors to Okta and OneLogin, as well as a generic connector for any SAML 2.0 compliant Single Sign-On tool.

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Automox is a cloud-based patch management and endpoint protection platform that provides the foundation for a strong security framework by automating the fundamentals of security hygiene to reduce a company’s attack surface by over 80 percent. A powerful set of user-defined controls enables IT managers to filter and report on the vulnerability status of their infrastructure and intuitively manage cross-platform OS patching, third party patching, software deployment, and configuration management. To sign up for a free, 15-day trial of Automox’s cloud-based, automated patch management solution, visit

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