Introducing New Automox UI - System Management

We are excited to share our latest update with you. Building off of the new dashboard layout we released earlier this year, we have streamlined the user interface and added powerful new backend functionality that makes it easier for you to manage and organize your devices, groups, and policies in Automox.  This blog post will show you what’s changed and how to use the new features.


The biggest change you’ll see is that we streamlined the Groups, Policies, and Policy Sets pages into a single view called System Management. This single view now allows you to create, manage, and assign policies to groups as well as the devices within those groups.

This new view shows your policies on the left side of the page and your groups on the right side of the page. You can now see all of your policies, groups, and subgroups together.

The device icon shows you how many devices are included in a specific policy or contained within a group.  Clicking the icon will take you into that specific policy or group.

We’ve also color coded the relationship between the policies and groups, and provided filters at the top of each section. Simply click on a policy to see what groups it’s assigned to, or click on a group to see what policies are assigned to it.

You can adjust the settings by clicking “Assign” or “Unassign”. Once you make changes, be sure to click Save (found near the bottom of the screen).

To create new policies or groups, the “Create Policy” and “Create Group” controls are no longer in the green + icon but are expanded into their own buttons in the upper right section of the screen.  If you need to delete a Group or a Policy simply click to edit that group and click the red Delete Policy/Group button at the bottom of the screen.


We’ve also updated the navigation with some simple iconography, but more importantly you’ll notice we’ve eliminated a few of the current menu items.

  • Devices is the new name for Endpoints
  • SystemManagement is where you’ll find Groups, Policies and Policy Sets
  • Dashboard, Software, Reports, and Onboarding remain the same


We’ve updated the Devices screen so you can search more quickly and more easily scan through the results. You can also export any number of devices, and their current status, to an Excel or .csv file.

  • Realigned columns to match the updated dashboard
  • See the number of pending and total patches for any device
  • Quickly see which group each device is in
  • Look at the current status detail for each device
  • Export to Excel or .csv file

You’ll also notice new icons to represent the different statuses.

Finally, we’ve expanded the number of actions you can take when selecting multiple endpoints.  These actions are available directly under the search bar rather than a drop down menu.

There are also filters you can select from the top right corner of the screen, these toggle on and off and allow you to quickly see which devices need attention or find those exceptions within your infrastructure.

You can now “Create Groups” or “Add Devices” by clicking on the buttons in the upper right corner of the screen, as the green + icon is no longer in use.

We believe the updated pages provide a more efficient, user-friendly experience. As always, we encourage your feedback on the new designs and promise to continue to deliver new features and experiences that not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

About Automox

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