Freshworks & Automox

Integrate your ITSM capabilities & endpoint management

In the world of IT service management (ITSM), speed is of the essence.

An end user that opens a ticket has an issue that impacts their productivity. They need that issue resolved so they can get back to work.

And the support engineer assigned to the ticket needs to quickly identify if the incident has a known fix, a workaround, or if another action needs to be taken, like escalating it to a higher severity level.

Other factors are at stake when it comes to technical support. A slow or inefficient ITSM practice can impact customer satisfaction as well as overall revenue and company growth, especially if an organization isn’t able to be sufficiently agile or responsive in resolving or remediating incidents.

Modern IT service management (ITSM) solutions like Freshworks’ Freshservice platform have a number of capabilities to speed up incident resolution and quickly return employees to being productive:

  • Native automation reduces manual tasks to speed up service delivery.

  • Users can engage support thought multiple channels such as a self-service portal or mobile app.

  • An AI engine categorizes and prioritizes tickets based on impact and urgency.

But even a comprehensive ITSM solution like Freshservice isn’t able to manage devices or remediate software vulnerabilities.

Enhancing the ITSM practice with the Freshworks + Automox integration

Freshworks has teamed up with Automox to integrate automated endpoint and patch management directly into its Freshservice ITSM console. The result creates crazy-efficient ITSM for your organization.

With the integration, support engineers no longer need to escalate an incident to another IT team to deploy software updates, patch systems, or manage device configurations. They can quickly and effectively take immediate action on a device – increasing incident management speed, enhancing customer satisfaction, and allowing employees to quickly return to work.

Here is what you get when you add Automox to your Freshworks Freshservice instance:

  • Increased Efficiency: Execute actions such as software deployment, device configuration, and patching from a single platform within the Freshservice console to gain efficiency.

  • Improved Security and Reduce Risk: Automated patch and endpoint management integrate with your ITSM practice to improve cyber hygiene and quickly address security concerns when vulnerabilities are identified.

  • Boosts in Employee Productivity: An exceptional service desk experience with reduced resolution wait times means that employees who request IT assistance can quickly return to being productive.

Freshworks + Automox: A real-world application

A research organization that had adopted Freshworks to bring their ITSM practice in-house later adopted Automox to patch their software and operating systems, and to provide greater device visibility across their IT teams.

While they were happy with both solutions separately, once they leveraged the new integration between Freshworks and Automox, the benefits were almost immediate:

  • Freshworks and Automox seamlessly integrated in just a few quick steps.

  • Support engineers were able to easily tap into Automox’s patch and endpoint management capabilities from within the Freshservice console as issues arise, improving engineer productivity.

  • Support engineers were able to view endpoint details while engaged with the customer, improving customer satisfaction.

  • Technical issues were addressed immediately, reducing diagnostic time.

  • Troubleshooting processes were streamlined, increasing efficiency.

  • Visibility of device inventory was improved, providing a single source of truth.

In this case, incident resolution times for the research organization were reduced from day to hours, lowering resource costs and improving the effectiveness of the technical support team.

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