Finally, a WSUS Replacement

We’ve experienced the pain of using WSUS to address Windows patching. It’s frequently the first option an organization uses to “automate” patching, and it is far better than manually trying to do the job. There are a number of alternatives in the marketplace, however they tend to require server infrastructure, ongoing maintenance, and they don’t gracefully address third-party software updates or other operating systems. Not to mention you have to keep the patching servers patched.

We’re at a point where the world is moving most, if not all, of its business infrastructure to the cloud. New companies are spinning up exclusively in the cloud, and many existing organizations are embracing hybrid models. Cisco predicts that 94% of data traffic will be based in the cloud by 2021. As we move into a cloud-integrated world, and an increasingly remote workforce, a traditional WSUS deployment won’t be enough.

WSUS has been notoriously difficult to manage and lacks many features that help empower technicians and organizations to succeed. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has used WSUS and is a natural byproduct of the lack of features for handling complex environments. In the end, this platform is only managing Windows devices; the other OS platforms require their own management systems.

This is where Automox shines. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, Automox patches Windows, Mac OS, and a number of Linux distros from anywhere your devices are located. It is one solution with true cross-platform support and no infrastructure requirements. With a few clicks in the web interface, you gain instant insight to the state of your entire fleet.

One of the key features that has kept companies using WSUS over alternatives is the ability to locally cache updates within their environment. Automox can integrate directly with your WSUS instance to keep your local caching capabilities while removing the management headache. Administrators get an easy-to-use web interface while maintaining the caching feature they need.

Automox also offers the advanced features that WSUS can’t. With an agent that takes less than 10MB to install, you gain visibility into the application and patching inventories of all your workstations and servers. Regardless of OS and location, you can see and report on the current state of your ecosystem with confidence whether you’re at your desk or at the coffee shop.

At the heart of the Automox platform is the Dynamic Policy Engine which enables you to easily create policies that help you patch, manage, and maintain all of your endpoints regardless of location. There are three key policy types within the Automox platform - Patch Policies, Required Software Policies, and a powerful Custom Policy tool.

  • Patching Policies
  • Windows workstation and server, Mac OS , and Linux device patch management from a single platform regardless of geographic location
  • An ever-expanding third party software update library
  • Automated deployment of high severity patches
  • Control default automatic patching services on workstations
  • Patch on-prem or cloud servers in Amazon, Azure, or Google
  • Required Software Policies
  • Required software policies enable you to effortlessly deploy defined software with a specific group of devices
  • Host all of your traditional and third party software in our secure cloud
  • Patch management for problematic applications such as Java, Adobe, Office and browsers like Firefox and Chrome
  • Custom Policies
  • Customize the Automox platform to your specific needs
  • Create your own endpoint policies for just about anything - from password length to antivirus settings and everything in between

To learn more about how Automox has become a leader in cross-platform patch management, send us a note and we’ll get right back to you.

About Automox

Facing growing threats and a rapidly expanding attack surface, understaffed and alert-fatigued organizations need more efficient ways to eliminate their exposure to vulnerabilities. Automox is a modern cyber hygiene platform that closes aperture of attack by more than 80% with just half the effort of traditional solutions.

Cloud-based and globally available, Automox enforces OS & third-party patch management, security configurations, and custom scripting across Windows, Mac, and Linux from a single intuitive console. IT and SecOps can quickly gain control and share visibility of on-prem, remote and virtual endpoints without the need to deploy costly infrastructure.

Experience modern, cloud-based patch management today with a 15-day free trial of Automox and start recapturing more than half the time you're currently spending on managing your attack surface. Automox dramatically reduces corporate risk while raising operational efficiency to deliver best-in-class security outcomes, faster and with fewer resources.

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