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Finally, a WSUS Replacement

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We’ve experienced the pain of using WSUS to address Windows patching. At first it was the only option out there to “automate” Windows patching and was far better than manually trying to do the job. Some alternatives popped up through the years, but they required more servers, software installation, services fees, and didn’t address our other patching needs like Linux and 3rd party software. So the search for a feasible alternative to WSUS continued.

We’ve reached the point where we’re moving most, if not all, of our infrastructure to the cloud. Newer companies are adopting fully hosted cloud models and many existing companies are embracing hybrid models. Cisco predicts that 83% of data traffic will be based in the cloud in the next couple of years. In this new environment, WSUS and Intune are not going meet your diverse and growing patching needs.

The reason people are looking for an alternative to WSUS, is many faceted, but generally falls into two camps. The first is frustration with WSUS. The challenges are many and documented on forums. This is not a surprise to anyone who has used WSUS and is a natural byproduct of the bloat created by large enterprise organizations. The second is rooted in the desire to consolidate patching needs into a single solution. Using different solutions to patch Windows, Linux, Mac, and various 3rd party apps is expensive, wastes valuable time, and frustrating to those who have to do the actual work. Finally, there is a viable alternative to WSUS.

Automox is leading a new breed of patching solutions. As a cloud based SaaS solution, Automox patches any operating system, any software, anywhere your devices are located. One solution with true cross platform support. And the lightweight agent, less than 10MB, affords deep insight into the configuration and compliance status of every system on your network in minutes. You can clearly see your complete inventory. Whether in the data center, in the cloud or at the coffee shop. And there’s no need to install another server to monitor the rest of your servers.

At the heart of the Automox platform is the Dynamic Policy Engine which enables you to easily create policies that help you quickly and easily patch, manage, and maintain all of your endpoints regardless of location. There are three key policy types within the Automox platform – OS Batch Policies, Required Software Policies, and a powerful Custom Policy tool.

OS Patching Policies

  • Mac, Linux, and Windows device patch management from a single platform regardless of geographic location
  • Automated patch deployment of high severity patches
  • Keep end users from deploying known harmful patches or updates
  • Patch on -prem or cloud servers in Amazon, Azure, or Google

Required Software Policies

  • Required software policies enable you to effortlessly link defined software with a specific group of devices
  • Eliminate imaging: deploy and maintain software consistently – wherever your endpoints or users are located
  • Host all of your traditional and third party software in our secure cloud
  • Patch management for problematic applications Java, Adobe, Office and browsers like Firefox and Chrome

Custom Policies

  • Customize the Automox platform to your specific needs
  • Create your own endpoint policies for just about anything – from password length to antivirus settings and everything in between

To learn more about how Automox has become the go-to Alternative to WSUS,
send us a note and we’ll get right back to you. Or check us out yourself for free and let us know what you think.

Holly Hamann, CMO

Author Holly Hamann, CMO

Holly Hamann serves as Automox's Chief Marketing Officer and is an entrepreneur and start-up veteran. She has helped launch six tech companies in the social media, content, video, and marketing software industries and specializes in SaaS software marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing. She is an American Marketing Association "Marketer of the Year" recipient and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

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