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Meet Maddie Regis, Account Based Marketing Manager

Automox People Spotlight Series

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we've been appreciating one another pretty intensely around here. It really does take a village and what's so lovely about Automox is that our villagers are unique, funny, hyper-intelligent, and full of surprises.

For those reasons, our People and Content teams joined forces to say thank you to our colleagues by highlighting their skills, stories, and experiences - one by one.

Welcome to the People Spotlight Series - a blog series celebrating the people of Automox, what they do within our org, and how they live and thrive outside of work.

We've got a wonderfully diverse community of engineers, analysts, sales representatives, developers, designers, thought leaders, product managers, people partners, and more. And we want you to know us. So, without further ado, allow us to introduce you to the one, the only, the wonderful...

Maddie Regis, Account Based Marketing Manager and extraordinaire and 'rave horse' equestrian

Click on the video above to hear Maddie share about her dressage experience.

At the beginning of August, Automox CEO Tim Lucas tasked our team members to pursue a goal outside of the office. Here's what Maddie had to say about choosing and conquering her goal.

Medaling in dressage

Maddie: My goal was to receive my United States Dressage Federation (USDF) bronze medal.

Dressage is a sport that involves riding a horse through a series of movements, and being scored on those movements. They're called tests, and are scored on percentages just like in school (however, a 70% is considered excellent in dressage. C's get way more than just degrees in dressage). The bronze medal is awarded for a 60% or higher at multiple levels of the sport.

How long have you been riding? What kind of commitment does it take?

Maddie: I've been riding horses since I was 13 and fell in love with this sport about five years ago.

As the Demand Gen team can probably tell you, it's definitely time-consuming. I ride my horse six days a week. And I compete on weekends throughout the year. I even travel to South Florida for the winter to do horsey spring training!

Why is a bronze medal in dressage important to you?

Maddie: I want to earn this medal because it represents a dedication to improving and learning and helps push me towards my ultimate goal: to show the highest level of dressage, which is the same test Olympians do! I've accepted that I'm the token 'Horse Girl' for life. Plus, riding competitively has allowed me to meet amazing people, travel to super cool places, and find genuine appreciation for how amazing horses and all other animals are.

Thank you, Maddie!

When it comes to appreciation, we've got tons of it for you. Maddie, not only do you crush your dressage and work goals, you make the virtual office a better place. Thanks for sharing a little about your passion with us. We look forward to cheering you on when you win that silver!

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