Dutch Technology eXperts Turns to Automox to Provide Full-Service Endpoint Security to Its Customers

We recently signed on a new Managed Services Provider (MSP) partner, Dutch Technology eXperts (DTX) in The Netherlands, and wanted to better understand why they chose Automox and how they are leveraging our patching and endpoint hardening platform to provide full-service vulnerability discovery and remediation to their clients.

DTX’s Manager Security Operations, Maikel Roolvink, responds with more information about their organization and the benefits they’ve seen with Automox.

Who is DTX? What client base do you serve?

Dutch Technology eXperts provides managed services for infrastructure and information security. We’ve been around for over 20 years and, as the name implies, pride ourselves on being experts in technological issues.

The DTX team consists of technical specialists that are passionate about technology. Our team thrives on solving problems before they arise, or tackling challenges until we have a solution. Our main objective is to help our customers understand why and what we are doing, so that they can make smart decisions about their corporate security and IT.

Our client base is very diverse - from small-to-medium businesses to enterprises. But our main focus is supporting small-to-medium businesses, because these are the organizations that typically require the managed IT services that we provide.

What are your customers’ biggest challenges when it comes to IT support and infrastructure?

Our customers’ greatest challenge is having enough resources to manage the growing demands on corporate IT.

With the massive increase in disclosed vulnerabilities, the growing complexity of their infrastructures, and the massive shift to remote work, staying up to date and in control of IT requirements has become an impossible task.

Why has patch management and endpoint hardening become more urgent today?

As more and more vulnerabilities are disclosed, we are seeing a significant increase in digital criminal activity. It seems that every day you read about a new breach or ransomware victim because of ineffective patch management or endpoint hardening procedures.

Were you offering patching and endpoint management as a service before switching to Automox?

Yes, we were patching through a remote monitoring & management (RMM) tool – we were running automated patching policies, but also manual policies too.   But, we were limited to only patching Microsoft Windows. We weren’t able to provide patching  support for third party applications, Linux, or macOS devices.

With Automox, we now patch Windows, macOS, and Linux – plus, third party applications. We’ve improved our efficiencies in supporting our clients, reduced the amount of manual labor, and are able to offer more complete endpoint management services to our customers.

What pains does/did switching to Automox solve?

With Automox, we can manage our customers’ multi-platform endpoints from a single cloud-native platform. We can manage the full breadth of Windows, macOS, and Linux systems from one dashboard view – which significantly reduces the time on task, simplifies IT management, and allows us to patch at any time, anywhere.

What’s the potential for your organization and your customers now that you are using Automox?

Our expertise in security monitoring and vulnerability management can now be leveraged to improve the security posture of organizations. We can discover the vulnerabilities, and quickly and easily remediate them with Automox.

Additionally, we have the flexibility to offer additional services or support through Automox Worklets. Worklets allow us to be innovative in how we can help our customers better secure their corporate systems.

Tell us about a new customer and the onboarding experience.

Why did the new customer select your service?

We have a long-lasting relationship with this customer, and came to them with a business case to leverage Automox for patching and endpoint management. Senior management was easily convinced.

How has the onboarding been so far?

Within a couple of hours, we deployed the Automox agent to a few hundred machines, and quickly began applying policies and started patching. Our customer was happy and impressed.

Any initial feedback or quotes on how well the service is working for them? What level of improvement have they seen?

They were amazed. Initial results have shown between 80-95% reduction of known vulnerabilities on their systems after the first patch weekend.

Dutch Technology eXperts and Automox working together

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