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Automox Voted Among Best Places to Work in 2022

Company recognized by Fortune and Forbes for workplace culture

Work is work.

You show up. You get things done. You collect your paycheck.

Rinse. Repeat.

Rinse. Repeat.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

When you invite your team members to share their passions, encourage them to communicate with humor and respect, and acknowledge one another for a job well done – work can feel less like a grind and much more like productive play. That feeling is a magnet attracting you to your desk. It makes you want to go to work. It makes you feel like it’s okay to like (or maybe even love) your job.

Recognizing our employees like working here

On that note, we’re honored to have received four workplace and employer awards from Forbes and Fortune:

We couldn’t be more proud of our tenacious, impactful, and collaborative team members. And there’s no way we could build an award-winning workplace without our incredible people!

When I first interviewed for my current role with Automox, I remember my boss saying she looked forward to getting to her desk each morning. Having never really felt that way, I wondered if she was full of it.

But she wasn't. I’m generally highly suspicious of any sort of pressure to ‘drink the Kool-aid,’ but it’s not that kind of thing. Instead, the culture at Automox begins with genuinely caring for the people you spend your days with. And it starts with our People team.

People team initiatives

Here are just a few examples of how our People team makes sure the rest of us feel appreciated, like our jobs, and feel safe coming in every day to give our all.

  • Community connection: With volunteer time off (VTO) and company-wide volunteer days, giving back to our communities is part of our DNA.

  • Holistic benefits and wellness: We offer gender affirmation coverage, an employee assistance program, and a monthly stipend for self-care.

  • Manager development courses: Leadership plays a huge role in our company culture. These classes give our people managers the tools they need to create an incredible employee experience.

  • Diversity & inclusion: Our DEI advisory council and inclusive hiring practices are just the beginning. Automox is committed to creating a company where all employees can thrive at work.

Best place to work

Like any other organization, we still face challenges. However, we’re committed to learning from our mistakes and we recognize that building the best environment for our team members is a work in progress. But it’s nice to know you’re on the right path. So, kudos to our People team because they’re certainly blazing an epic trail.

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