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Automox Feature Update: RBAC Goes Global

Automox’s Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) are out of beta and enabled for everyone! A key part of cyber hygiene is controlling who has access to which systems and tools, making RBAC one of your best methods for managing security.

RBAC allows you to assign users one of four specific roles to better secure and control your Automox organization. RBAC currently only applies to each organization individually, allowing you to set specific permissions per organization depending on the user.

Four roles are included today:

  • Full Admin
  • Patch Admin
  • Billing Admin
  • Read Only

Full Admin

Like today, a Full Admin has access to all of the features and functions in Automox. Users assigned to this role will have the ability to control your account, and can manage billing, users, devices, and all patching operations. Full admins are also responsible for setting roles and permissions.

Patch Admin

Patch Admin users have the ability to control your devices, groups, and policies, with read-only access to other areas of the Automox platform. Users assigned with this role type are ideal for managing specific groups of servers or just patching operations, without having the ability to manage users or settings.

Billing Admin

The Billing Admin only has the ability to change billing settings. These users are responsible for adding the corporate card or generating an invoice. Billing Admin users have read-only access to other pages and cannot change your patching and policy settings.

Read Only

Users assigned with Read Only access can only see what you have configured in Automox and do not have the ability to edit any settings or configurations. Read Only users are ideal for generating reports or checking on patching status.

About Automox

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