Adobe Releases Urgent Updates for 14 Products

On Tuesday afternoon, Adobe released out-of-band updates to patch 92 vulnerabilities across 14 products. Of the 92 vulnerabilities patched, 61 are regarded as critical remote code execution vulnerabilities by Adobe, and five are critical memory leak issues. Memory leak vulnerabilities are unintentional memory consumption by an application, which can lead to denial of service.

If you use any of the following products, update them promptly:


Affected Versions


Adobe After Effects

18.4.1 and earlier


Adobe Audition

14.4 and earlier

Windows and macOS

Adobe Bridge

11.1.1 and earlier


Character Animator 2021

4.4 and earlier

Windows and macOS


10.1 and earlier


Lightroom Classic

10.3 and earlier


Illustrator 2021

25.4.1 and earlier


Media Encoder

15.4.1 and earlier

Windows and macOS

Premiere Pro

15.4.1 and earlier

Windows and macOS


21.0.9 and earlier


Premiere Elements

2021 [build 19.0 and earlier]

Windows and macOS


16.4 and earlier

Windows and macOS


2021.07 and earlier

All (Windows, macOS, Unix, iOS, Android)

Photoshop 2021

22.5.1 and earlier

Windows and macOS

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