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2022 Patching & Endpoint Management Checklist - Top 8

What does it take to keep your endpoints configured and secured? Sometimes, this question can seem elusive and you may not always know where to start. To help you get a hold of your security environment and to protect your endpoints in the best way, we’ve created the 2022 Patching & Endpoint Management Checklist! 

When it comes to patch management, we’ve got all the top tips, tricks, and trends every organization should consider when taking stock of their IT and security practices. But first, let’s cover the basics.

What is an endpoint?

An endpoint is an end-user device, such as a laptop, server, tablet, and desktop – but it also can serve as a point of entry for cyberattackers. In fact, endpoints are some of the most sought-after targets for malicious actors. 

With the use of AI, bots, and machine learning on the rise, cyberattacks are becoming more intricate and challenging to prevent. Firewalls and antivirus software just won't cut it anymore. Additionally, several IT and security professionals report that endpoint patching takes a backseat to other tasks. In fact, VentureBeat recently reported that 71% of IT and security leads said endpoint management is too complex, cumbersome, and takes up way too much time. But endpoint patching is vital to healthy cyber resilience. Just take a peek at this finding from Dark Reading's recent State of Endpoint Security Survey: "84% of security pros believe any attack will start with the endpoint."

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