Automox + Splunk

See endpoint data all in one place to
make decisions faster.

Get total visibility into your event, software, and device information with Automox and Splunk - your single source of data so you can see and make decisions on your endpoints faster than ever.

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A single source of truth for faster, data-driven decisions

Modern infrastructures demand fast, complete information to make more informed decisions - rather than cross-referencing separate reporting tools and losing critical data.

Now, you can integrate your Automox event, software, and device information directly into Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platforms. Centralize your endpoint data into a single dashboard for total visibility for all your endpoints that accelerates your decision-making.

How it Works

With just two simple apps - freely available in Splunkbase - you can ingest ingest Automox IT-related events, endpoint policies, and device details into the Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platforms and then visualize device details alongside your Splunk data sources in one customizable dashboard.


Install the Automox Technology Add-on for Splunk

Integrate Automox into Splunk to pull patch, endpoint, and event data for Automox-managed endpoints into Splunk.

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Visualize endpoint data with the Automox Dashboard for Splunk

Add your Automox data to custom visualizations in Splunk to get more complete views of all your data.

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Radical Efficiency Starts with Automox

Faster Data-Driven Decisions

Make quick operational and security decisions by merging and contextualizing Automox data with Splunk data sources to triage events and increase IT responsiveness.

Cross-Team Visibility

Simplify the exchange of information between security and IT teams with a single source of truth for both device and event data.

Customizable Alerts, Reports, and Visuals

Leverage customizable dashboard views and metrics to uncover device patterns, trends, and new perspectives with contextualized data.

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See your endpoint data like never before with two simple apps.

Automox ranks as the best cloud-native, cross-platform solution for patch management.

Leader Fall 2022

Automox is one of the industry's leading solutions according to real customer reviews.

Highest User Adoption
Highest User Adoption

Getting started with Automox is quick and painless – regardless of OS, location, or third-party applications.

Easiest to Setup
Easiest Setup

Winning hours back in your day is easier than ever with Automox.

The user interface is simple, clean and easy to use even by first time user. No need to to spend too much time on training. Ability to deploy patches quickly and not only for Windows but also Mac/Linux and patch 3rd party software. It is very powerful and flexible tool to help administrators to provide patch management.

Roman K // Senior IT System Administrator

See Automox in action

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