Automox Worklets™ 101

Worklet [wurk-let]

Verb : Definition

A worklet can accomplish any task that can be scripted.

The Automox platform is based on an open extensible automation architecture that allows IT operations to create any custom task that they can imagine. Automox consumes and automates worklets, powered by PowerShell and Bash scripting, and continuously enforces them across any managed devices. These reusable units of work can be shared with peers and applied across Windows, Linux, and OSX devices.

Automox WorkletsTM allow you to automate and enforce any scriptable action on endpoints regardless of location or domain.

Just a few things Automox
Worklets TM are doing today.

Disable Any Vulnerable Process

This RDP disabling worklet can be used as a mitigating control to protect impacted Windows systems from the BlueKeep vulnerability.

See this Worklet at work

Manage Native OS Controls

Enforcing controls such as BitLocker are easy and can be automated with this simple policy.

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Mass Rollback of Unwanted Patches

With a few clicks, an admin can deploy a worklet that will detect the presence of, and subsequently removed, the unwanted patch from any defined group of endpoints.

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Support Legacy OS with Mass Deployment

Deploy an emergency patch to ensure your legacy machines are operating at lower risk to exploit.

See this Worklet at work

Anything you can script, you can automate

We're serious, learn more.

What would your Automox Worklet TM do?

Automox isn't just another patch management tool. We're a fully extensible cyber hygiene platform that can automate and enforce any scripted task across Windows, Mac and Linux - regardless of location or domain membership. If you could easily deploy and automate any task, what would that be? What would you Worklet?

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