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Installed software
Hardware Specifications
Configuration Settings

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Complete Inventory At A Glance

Automox provides instant visibility to the status of all systems and installed software across your entire infrastructure.

Quickly identify vulnerable systems that require your attention.

Available Patches

See all available OS and software patches at a glance.

Filter patches based on organizational impact and severity, and manually approve patches for deployment.

Critical Threat Visibility

Instantly see your vulnerability to threats by their common name and not just CVE number. Eliminate researching hundreds of security bulletins to find the critical information you need.

"Patch All Now" allows you to take immediate action patching all vulnerable systems, and reducing your attack surface.

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Vulnerability Status

Know exactly which departments and systems are vulnerable and need attention.

On Demand Reports

Automox has prebuilt reports that allow you to easily communicate the status of your infrastructure to managers, auditors, and internal stakeholders.

REST-based API allows you to manage reporting though any monitoring or management system that can connect, such as ServiceNow.

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Getting started with an Automox trial takes 5 minutes.

Simply install the agent across each of your clients and servers to see the vulnerability status of your entire infrastructure.

You can deploy the agent to thousands of systems quickly. See our documentation to learn how.

Automox works everywhere your infrastructure is located: in the cloud, on-premise, or at the coffee shop. If it is connected to the internet, we can patch, manage, and secure it in real time.

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Configurable patch automation, software deployment, and workflow management.



Complete control and active enforcement of system and software configurations.