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Is Your Help Desk Drowning?

The Help Desk is often the silent hero for IT organizations. It's no easy task to troubleshoot the daily onslaught of device issues to keep users happy and the business productive, and it has only gotten tougher. The shift to remote work, migration to the cloud, and tool overload have made troubleshooting all the more complicated for IT teams.

In fact, 52% of IT professionals agree that too many types of endpoints (on-premises, remote, hybrid, etc.) being managed has caused management inefficiencies. The sheer number of tools needed to support every environment can quickly create an IT backlog that causes missed SLAs, productivity interruptions, and frustrated users. With Automox's advanced IT troubleshooting capabilities, start winning back hours in your day.

Simplify and Streamline Your Troubleshooting

Automox removes frustrations and bottlenecks with a single tool for device inventory, scalable configuration resolution, and remote access.

Achieve full visibility of your devices within a single console and take manual or automated action - your choice. With issues that are frequent offenders, automating tasks through Automox Worklets can ease the burden of manual, repetitive work. For those requiring hands-on troubleshooting and direct interaction on the user's device, Automox provides remote access without the need for VPNs or additional agents.

Stop the multi-tool juggling act with a single solution to find and fix issues fast and easily.

Take Your Time Back

Immediately cut time wasted on re-assigning tickets and hopping between platforms to complete tasks and start spending cycles on more strategic and fulfilling work.


Increase IT Efficiency

Fix issues with immediate and direct access to a user's device without jumping between multiple consoles, removing unnecessary bottlenecks in completing IT tasks.


Reduce End User Wait Times

Faster ticket resolution means employees receive an exceptional service desk experience and can quickly return to their work without delay.


Want to See Advanced Troubleshooting in Action?

Want to see for yourself how to keep your endpoints patched, configured, and secured - without servers to manage or VPNs?

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Troubleshooting Without the Trouble

Gain End-to-End Device Visibility

Gain End-to-End Device Visibility

Harness the power of complete device inventory and data at your fingertips without having to navigate to a separate platform.

From the Automox dashboard, which surfaces important endpoint data so you always know the status of your environment, to the Device page, which identifies endpoints for targeted troubleshooting, get as granular or expansive in your views as you need.

Boost IT Efficiency with Scalable Configuration Resolution

Boost IT Efficiency with Scalable Configuration Resolution

Kiss manual work goodbye with Automox Worklets for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Whether it's an issue with an email account, resetting a password, investigating devices that won't update, or killing a process using too many resources, you can easily create, automate, and enforce custom tasks with reusable units of work based on simple PowerShell or Bash scripting. Use pre-built Worklets from our catalog or script your own - if you can script it, you can automate it and remove the manual effort and associated lag time.

Take Direct Action with Remote Control

Take Direct Action with Remote Control

For more complex issues that require hands-on intervention, see what the user sees and directly troubleshoot their issues in real time without ever leaving the Automox platform.

Gain the power of real-time remote access to macOS and Windows endpoints from anywhere.

With just a simple internet connection and the Automox agent installed, administrators can start a remote control session directly from the Device Details page prompting a separate window to appear for the session to execute actions with the logged-in user's privileges.

Automox is the best cloud endpoint management system we found that supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It is intuitive to use and makes managing endpoint a breeze.

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