Patch Remote Endpoints Automatically

When your teams are working from home, make sure your workforce is safe from vulnerabilities. Easily patch any endpoint, any OS, no matter where your remote devices might be. No VPNs. No hassles.

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What you need to know about remote patch management and your work-from-home policies

Securing remote assets has always been a challenge for on-premises patch management platforms. But now, as we face escalated public health concerns and new work-from-home policies, it's business-critical to ensure security for your remote employees and their laptops. Diminished patch and configuration compliance for remote workers is not an option. Nor is relying on VPN connections for system updates, because quite simply, VPNs cannot efficiently handle patching and configuration at scale. Only cloud-native solutions can deliver a cyber hygiene platform with fully automated patch management so you can be certain your remote workforce is up-to-date and protected from the latest vulnerabilities.

70% work remote
According to Gartner, Inc. nearly three in four CFOs plan to shift at least 5% of previously on-site employees to permanently remote positions post-COVID 19

Automox cloud-native cyber hygiene automates patch management for remote teams.

Particularly now, it's time to ditch your slow, tedious, and frustrating on-prem patch solutions and deploy a modern solution that gives you a clear view of all your corporate endpoints and automates how you patch and configure. No matter how remote your workers are, you can be certain your remote laptops are running the latest OS, third-party applications, and configurations.

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Get continuous visibility and control of all your endpoints from a single console.

No need to require remote users to connect through the corporate network of VPN. Our micro agent unobtrusively monitors and inventories each remote device through our cloud service.

Protect remote endpoints no matter where they are.

Manage your corporate laptops and devices in the cloud no matter what domain they're connected to.

Reduce the complexity and lower costs compared to traditional on-premises solutions.

Our modern, cloud-native approach lets you effectively automate your cyber hygiene tasks without impacting your local or remote employees’ productivity.

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Securing Your Remote Users

Automox’s Richard Melick discusses how corporations can resolve the challenges they face in managing and securing remote endpoints. Automox customer Jared Haggerty at Databerry shares his success in leveraging our cloud-native platform to manage his remote clients.

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