Work has changed forever. Managing your (newly) remote workers means empowering them to be safe from vulnerabilities no matter where they are, regardless of their OS, and without the hassles of a VPN. Automox helps you do just that.

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74% of CFOs expect some of their company'sroles to remain permanently remote.

What you need to know about remote patch management and your new work-from-home policies.

Almost overnight, today's IT shifted from supporting the corporate office to empowering the home office. Legacy, on-premises systems were simply never designed for that, and cannot handle managing, patching, and configuring remote systems at scale. Only a cloud-native, fully automated, cyber hygiene platform can keep your remote workforce up-to-date and protected from the latest vulnerabilities. Here's how you can adapt and succeed.

Stay Calm and Evaluate

Step back and take a 10,000 foot view of how your organization has been impacted by the current business climate. And then create a plan for a successful path forward, both today and in the future.

sharp turn ahead

Can your IT department make the shift while seamlessly keeping your corporate endpoints secure?

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What are the most critical challenges that need to be addressed immediately and what should be evaluated as part of your long term strategy?

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work from home

Do you have everything you need to to keep your remote workforce productive and secure?

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Automox cloud-native cyber hygiene automates patch management and security for remote teams.

It's time to ditch your slow, tedious, and expensive on-prem patch solutions, and deploy a modern solution that lets you be certain your remote laptops are running the latest OS, third-party applications, and configurations.

No need to connect through the corporate network or VPN.

Continuous visibility and control of all endpoints from a single console.

All remote endpoints are protected no matter where they are.

Manage corporate-owned devices, bring-your-own devices, and devices in the cloud irrespective of domain membership.

Reduce complexity and lower costs.

Our modern, cloud-native approach lets you effectively automate your cyber hygiene tasks without impacting remote employees' productivity.

Securing Your Remote Users

Automox's Richard Melick discusses how corporations can resolve the challenges they face in managing and securing remote endpoints. Automox customer Jared Haggerty at Databerry shares his success in leveraging our cloud-native platform to manage his remote clients.

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