Configuration Management

Eliminate configuration drift with automated and hands-free control of any device.

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Know Your Devices Are Good to Go

Good device configuration means keeping your software and OS configurations in line with your organization's policies. Even the best configuration management strategies can quickly fall apart if devices drift out of compliance due to outdated or unwanted changes.

Multiple operating systems and remote work has made it harder to control IT infrastructure. With automation based in the cloud, you can remove a lot of the burden from your ITOps team while simultaneously enforcing compliance and securing controls on every device.

Everything Properly Configured, At Scale

Cloud-native and globally available, Automox helps you continuously apply and enforce device configurations so you don't have to worry about outdated or misconfigured devices as your organization expands. With both preset and customizable policies, get the flexibility you need to ensure your device configurations are enforced and up-to-date, without any drift.

Deploy new software. Update settings. Custom configure devices. Automatically.

Get your Time Back

Quickly deploy, update, or remove any software package on any device - from hands-free configuration updates, automated software upgrades, to custom Worklets. With minimal uplift or manual effort from ITOps, you'll reduce the amount of labor and cost necessary to keep devices up-to-date.

Eliminate Audit Anxiety

Get granular configuration control of every device, on any operating system with Automox Worklets™. Create new policies or draw from the in-console Worklet catalog to apply policies to any set of devices with just a few clicks. Rest easy knowing you're meeting compliance requirements.

Automox Worklets™

Want to See Configuration Management in Action?

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Get Complete Control of Your Environment

Take Control of Configurations

  • Eliminate manual device configuration drains
  • Stop configuration drift

Ditch manual device configuration and gain the confidence and certainty that your changes are implemented successfully. With Automox, eliminate configuration drift, ensure the right software is installed, and fix misconfigurations in a fraction of the time. Manage and blocklist software, update settings, uninstall unauthorized software, and much more with easy-to-set policies.

Drive Accuracy and Precision with Customizable Policies

  • Customize policy for your organization's specific use cases
  • Easy to use and easy to target policies

As security policies and compliance requirements evolve, the ability to quickly make changes to your organization's devices becomes critical. Leverage enhanced customization for greater precision when applying a policy to a specific group or individual set of devices. Whether it's an automated or single-use policy, easily target devices by applying filters based on shared attributes and fine-tune your actions to make sure your specific requirements are achieved.

Configuration Extensibility For All Your Needs

  • Easily script actions across any endpoint
  • Leverage powerful reporting capabilities

Automox Worklets allow you to automate configuration changes through scripts. Define and enforce device configuration requirements and deploy continuous policy scans that check for and stop configuration drift. Script in PowerShell (Windows) or Bash (Linux and macOS), automate, and then verify successful actions with dashboard reporting.

[Automox] has allowed us to focus on other important tasks instead of troubleshooting patch or update issues.

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