The Fundamentals of Cyber Hygiene

Cloud-native, cross platform, and massively scalable.
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OS Patching

  • Automate OS patching across Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Customize end-user patch notifications
  • Guarantee patching of offline systems

3rd Party Software Patching

  • Automate patching of a broad set of 3rd party software
  • Works across Windows, Mac and Linux
Automox patch screen one
Corey Dolan

We can now automatically patch any device on any operating system, from any location.

Corey Dolan
IT Technician, Tekside.iO

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Software Deployment and Enforcement

  • Deploy any software to any machine worldwide
  • Automate gold image management
  • Insure critical software remains installed

Configuration Management

  • Tailor the platform to meet your unique security needs
  • Customize and automatically enforce security configuration settings
  • Example: lock down USB, set password length, screen timeout etc
Automox patch screen three
Jonathan Sibray

We evaluated the free trial and thought "is this thing for real?" it just worked.

Jonathan Sibray
Senior IT Director, University of Colorado Law

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