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Automox Is THE Alternative for WSUS

Tired with dealing with the complexities of WSUS administration? Do you wish there was something out there that provided similar functionality with less effort? We hear you. Patching with WSUS is a struggle to say nothing of maintaining the infrastructure itself. It’s more complicated, confusing, and time consuming than it should be.

That is exactly why we created Automox. Our modern cloud-based patching solution enables you to patch Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and 3rd party software in a single dashboard. We eliminate your WSUS headaches by allowing you to:

  • See your full inventory and vulnerability status
  • Prioritize and deploy patches based upon severity
  • Start patching endpoints within minutes
  • Report on your entire infrastructure
"As we were setting up our network, we realized we needed a comprehensive patching solution. With less than 30 days to implement, we looked for cloud options and Automox met our needs. They were immediately responsive and we had the software up and running with time to spare."
Jason Riley, Director of Operations / IT

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automox?

Automox is the first cloud-based patching platform that fully automates the patch remediation process across Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and every third party software – including Adobe, Java, Firefox, Chrome, and Windows. The platform works across both clients and servers. From “click, set, forget” automation, to complete scheduling and workflow control, Automox enables customers greater security, improved productivity, and radical time savings.

What patches does Automox apply?

Automox applies operating system patches for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Automox also natively patches 3rd party software including Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, Firefox, Chrome, MS Office, and others as part of our growing catalog. Automox also provides the ability to patch any software through custom scripting.

Can Automox deploy and patch custom or 3rd party software?

Yes. Through the use of our Custom Policy Engine it is easy to set policies that deploy and patch both 3rd party and custom software.

How is Automox better than simply running Auto Updates?

Running auto updates is like taking your security policy and dividing it up among each of your employees…and hoping that they patch and maintain their individual systems. This is fine for individuals or very small companies (10 employees or less) but for larger companies Auto Updates is more of a liability than a solution.

What you DON’T GET with Auto Updates:

  • Almost every SW has an update feature, making the process of updating software a constant nuisance for the IT manager and the end user.
  • There is no system (outside of Automox) that combines all of the OS and SW updates into a single easy to manage dashboard.
  • Auto Updates does not give IT a central / single location for reporting on inventory, patch level, configuration settings, or compliance status.
  • Auto Updates provides no reporting or verification of endpoint status, patches applied, or level of vulnerability.
  • Auto Updates is inconsistent and unable to force the user to update / install critical security releases.
  • Common malware silently disables OS Auto Updates and patching.
  • 100% of Automox customers using other patching methods found and fixed existing critical patches with Automox.

Does Automox patch servers?

Yes, Automox patches Windows and Linux servers including cloud instances, dockers, and virtual machines.


Automox is the only cloud-based endpoint management solution that offers true cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


The lightweight Automox agent (<10MB) affords deep insight into the configuration and compliance status of every system on your network in minutes.


Clearly see your complete inventory. Whether in the data center, in the cloud, or at the coffee shop.

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