SentinelOne and Automox Webinar: Automating Every Patch Tuesday

SentinelOne and Automox are partnering to help companies rapidly eliminate 80% of all vulnerabilities. 

Webinar: April 16, 2019, 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

According to our research, unpatched and misconfigured systems are massive problems that represent 80 percent of the corporate attack surface. Some of the world’s most devastating data breaches, including Equifax and SingHealth, were driven by the failure of the organizations to patch known vulnerabilities. 

Join our webinar at 1:00pm ET on April 16th to find out how you can leverage SentinelOne and Automox to rapidly enforce proper cyber hygiene by automating the process of patching OS and 3rd Party software vulnerabilities through the SentinelOne endpoint protection platform.

Can't attend in person? No sweat! All registrants will receive an email with a recording of the demo afterward.

  • Bryan_@2x
    Automox's Chief Product OfficerCo-Host: Bryan Gale
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  • migo
    SentinelOne's Senior Director, Products & MarketingCo-Host: Migo Kedem