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Automox Welcomes New MSP Partners - September 2021

Our diverse range of partners make Automox available to customers around the world. This month, we welcome several innovative MSP partners to the platform!

CSP Global Technologies Logo

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“We chose Automox because of its modern, cloud-native approach to patch management that doesn't require controlled, on-prem solutions and cumbersome VPN patch cycles.

With Automox's technology, we can confidently expand our managed services to include patch-as-a-service in our region.” - Tho Kit Hoong, Founder and CEO

More about CSP Global:
Established in 2008, CSP Global Technologies is a Tech Solution Advisory and Master Managed Services Provider for ICT cyber protection needs.  Our  Master Management Services model allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to provide a holistic and managed security solution to their clients.

Diverse Services Logo

Perth, Western Australia
“Automox provides automation of patching and vulnerability remediation.  This is a huge time saver that allows our SOC analysts to focus on other more proactive tasks to fully benefit our clients. It is effective and easy to use, and more features are constantly being added making it an even greater addition to our security portfolio.” - Shaun Smith, Security Practice Manager

More about Diverse Services:
Diverse Services is an IT services company that works to help businesses overcome their IT challenges by providing a range of tailored ICT solutions to fit any purpose or budget. Our presence in the security field has grown rapidly in recent years and is always at the forefront of our operations. We offer extensive security solutions that are cost-effective and tailored specifically to meet the needs of businesses.

JabJab Logo

Nairobi, Kenya
“Automox completely disrupts the IT operations & patch management ecosystem with their innovative cloud platform, thus enabling customers to mitigate any cyber threats quickly and efficiently, and provides clear visibility on their security posture in real-time.” - Bhaves Shah, CEO

More about JabJab Group:
JabJab Group Ltd is a technology services company based in Kenya, East Africa that is focused on providing innovative IT services & solutions including managed services to SME & Large Enterprise, Public Sector, Education & Financial customers.

Unlimited Technology

Chester Springs, PA

More about Unlimited Technology:
Unlimited Technology’s team of technology experts are trained to assist organizations with maximizing the operational efficiency and effectiveness of their systems, regardless of the size of the business, complexity of networks or sensitivity of their data. We also specialize in helping businesses with particularly sensitive information including the healthcare, finance and utilities industries, but are both efficiency and security conscious in the management of IT for all of our clients.

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