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Automox Releases Definitive Guide for Proactive Endpoint Hardening

eBook Introduces New 24/72 Response Threshold for Best-In-Class SecOps and IT Teams

Originally posted on BusinessWire.

Boulder, Colorado - December 9, 2019 - Automox, the cloud-native cyber hygiene platform provider, today announced the release of Averting Cyber Attacks with Proactive Endpoint Hardening, a comprehensive resource guide for organizations committed to mitigating cybersecurity risk through impactful cyber hygiene, with an emphasis on endpoint hardening.

This eBook introduces new guidance on the velocity required for organizations to proactively harden their systems amidst the adoption of cloud and other aspects of digital transformation, which tend to take resources away from cyber hygiene best practices. Since research shows that it only takes seven days for adversaries to weaponize a vulnerability, organizations effectively have 72 hours to harden systems before they should expect to see new exploit techniques surface. When zero-days occur, the best-in-class response window is within 24 hours of disclosure. This 24/72 threshold clearly defines a new standard toward which SecOps and IT organizations should be working in an accelerated, yet methodical manner.

Readers will also receive actionable guidance and tools to support powerful, proactive endpoint hardening, including:

  • The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Cyber Hygiene Controls, consisting of six core fundamental principles for endpoint hardening;
  • Automox’s new Endpoint Hardening Maturity Matrix, which helps companies understand their path to be able to act faster than their adversaries;
  • A clear game plan for achieving best-in-class endpoint hardening, based on a company’s current stage of cyber hygiene maturity.

“It currently takes organizations 15 times longer to close a vulnerability than it does for attackers to weaponize it, and that’s simply unacceptable. This 24/72 threshold is the critical new metric that every organization should be measuring itself against, and we want to provide organizations with not just a framework to establish an all-encompassing cyber hygiene practice, but the tools necessary to implement it,” said Jay Prassl, CEO and Founder, Automox. “Organizations who adopt the 24/72 response threshold will not only shrink their vulnerability potential in an environment of ever-increasing risk, but they will also achieve drastic operational efficiencies that help their business thrive.”

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About Automox

Automox is the cloud-native cyber hygiene platform that empowers organizations to reduce their exploitable attack surface by eliminating the vulnerabilities that adversaries target most. Delivered as a modern cloud service with cross-platform support, Automox improves cyber resiliency through foundational system hardening by automating the enforcement of critical patches, software updates, security configurations and custom scripting across diverse endpoint environments. Automox enables both IT and SecOps teams to better anticipate and respond to threats by dramatically reducing the time and effort it takes to harden their endpoints - whether they are on-prem, in the cloud or on the move.