Modern IT Operations Cloud Platform

Zero-infrastructure, cloud-native control

Automox enables IT operations (ITOps) to dramatically reduce the time, complexity, and effort required to effectively manage their IT estates. Accelerate program efficiency through cloud-native agility, global visibility, and workflow automation to assess, analyze, and act on all critical information across on-premises and remote endpoints; all from an intuitive, web-based console.

Remote workforces are increasingly prevalent, and for good reasons: Companies are able to attract and retain the best talent; younger, mobile professionals are able to mesh life and career; and serious efficiencies and monetary savings can be realized.

Remote workforces also create real security challenges, especially for companies reliant on on-premises security infrastructures. Because remote devices are hard to track and update adequately, they can radically expand attack surfaces by introducing new threats.

  • 90% of IT professionals believe their remote workforce poses a security risk

  • 36% of IT professionals who say a remote employee was the cause of a security incident

  • 76% of companies that can’t patch fast enough because they lack the staff resources

  • 24% of global companies that are now fully remote, with the percentage rising each year

The Automox® modern IT operations cloud platform has zero infrastructure requirements for complete functionality. No maintenance or VPN requirements are necessary to manage devices located on-premises, in the cloud, or remotely distributed.

Reduce operational overhead by 80% with Automox.


  • Cloud-native service with secure-by-design endpoint agent
    A lightweight agent unobtrusively examines each device to inventory hardware, software, patches, and configurations while staying constantly connected to the Automox cloud service for real-time insights.

  • IT operations automation you can scale
    Action across Windows®, Linux®, or macOS® device estate effortlessly with built-in scheduling. Patch operating system (OS) and third-party applications, deploy software, enforce desired device configuration states, and report according to your needs.

  • Customize and extend as you wish
    Automox can accomplish any task that can be scripted with Automox Worklets™. If you can script it, Automox can automate and enforce it across all endpoints.


  • Reduces up to 80% of vulnerable exposure with minimal effort or impact on employees

  • 50–90% lower total cost of ownership over traditional on-premises patch management solutions

  • Gives businesses extensive built-in cyber hygiene capability, including operating system, software, and third-party patching, system inventory, software deployment, and secure configurations

  • Provides a single platform of record — drastically reducing complexity, staff time, and management fatigue

  • Compliance reporting and other details are managed entirely by Automox — freeing IT departments and management to focus on more strategic activities

Reduce operational overhead by 80% with Automox.

Automox addresses the key failings of on-premises security models, providing automation, hands-off updates and cyber hygiene, cost savings, and organizational efficiency. Worldwide visibility into remote devices enables companies to scale with confidence and lean into modern working practices. Finally, companies can allocate their internal resources to strategy, innovation, and other important tasks — rather than burdensome and costly IT practices that no longer serve them. Learn more about Automox and start a free, 15-day trial.

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