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Compliance: All you need to know

Stop losing sleep over audits and be certain your infrastructure meets and exceeds every corporate and regulatory requirement. Modern compliance management gives you instant validation that you’re secure and complying to every standard.


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How to choose the best software to meet compliance needs.

What is IT compliance?

In IT, compliance means following a set of requirements and best practices for protecting digital assets. Compliance and security are opposite sides of the same coin. But while security deals with the internal policies for keeping assets safe, compliance involves third-party standards ensuring that business processes are secure and that sensitive data (including customers’ data) cannot be compromised.

  • Industry regulations

  • Government policies

  • Security frameworks

  • Client/customer contracts

Common IT Compliance Standards include GDPR, PCI DSS, SOX, and HIPAA – along with industry-specific regulations.

Why compliance matters

The cost of failing to comply with these regulations is high, both from a risk perspective as well as financial penalties. Organizations must implement appropriate security measures to protect data from unauthorized access, exposure, cyberattacks, and other threats.

Importantly, IT teams must pass regular audits to ensure compliance. These audits can be time consuming efforts to document that all processes have been implemented and followed properly on every endpoint. Automating compliance management – and reporting – is key to recovering more time to focus on strategic projects rather than gathering reports.

Questions to ask as you evaluate compliance solutions

1. Modern, distributed workforces present huge compliance concerns. Is the solution capable of managing endpoints anywhere, any time with a cloud-native platform?

2. Compliance programs are typically very time consuming to implement. Can you get up and running with the IT operations tool in 15 minutes, or will it take months?

3. Out of the box reporting is just the beginning. Does the tool support API-driven custom workflows for business intelligence reporting?

4. End-users don’t need unnecessary interruptions. Will the IT operations tool interfere with user productivity to maintain compliance?

Why do your peers choose Automox for compliance management?

our peers have spoken, and they’ve identified the essential factors to consider when choosing the best IT operations solution for managing compliance programs.

  • Ease of use and ease of deployment

  • Speed of solution and speed of setup

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

See why your peers count on Automox to ensure every endpoint is always configured, and always secure.

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