Customer Success Story: Inbox Marketer

Marketing services company significantly improves visibility & efficiencies with a shift to cloud-based endpoint management

Corey Dolan,  IT Technician


Inbox Marketer is a marketing services company that provides data-driven insights and turnkey email marketing solutions for brands. Inbox Marketer has a managed service division where they provide customers with technical solutions that further enhance their digital marketing efforts.


Our current infrastructure is predominantly Windows and Linux servers (both physical and virtual), laptops and workstations, with an overall endpoint count around 260. We were using WSUS but became frustrated with the complexity, unreliability, and the lack of confidence that our endpoints were being patched and protected. We were looking for a solution that was easier, gave us the ability to remediate vulnerabilities for remote devices, and allowed us more control and flexibility over custom software policies. Our patching process included regular endpoint updates where we’d gather in a conference room, open up WSUS, reject updates that might disrupt workflow or coding, and push the remaining ones through. Because the update process was so manual, we did endpoint updates on a weekly or quarterly basis. This meant we were pushing hundreds of updates and the volume was too much for our patching solution to handle.


We signed up for a two-week Automox trial and were impressed with the simplicity, reliability, and the feature set. Specifically, we were excited about the ability to patch both our Windows and Linux servers and workstations, the ability to deploy and police third party software, and the control around managing endpoint configurations. We were able to run a successful trial on our endpoints and now use Automox to manage the patching and configuration for all of our 250+ devices.

"We can now automatically patch any device on any operating system, from any location."

// Corey Dolan, IT Technician


We can now automatically patch any device on any operating system, from any location. In the past, if an employee needed software installed, I would have to physically install it for them. With Automox’s software deployment capabilities, I can update my employee’s software right from the Automox console, which saves me a huge amount of time. Being able to create custom software policies for different groups of endpoints is a key function for us as well. 

Automox’s reporting feature lets me create a report on hundreds of endpoints and instantly see what is patched, what needs to be patched, error logs, and the vulnerability status of every endpoint. Having all that data centralized in one place for me to look at every day makes my life a whole lot less stressful. The Automox support team is fantastic. They help me with anything I need or ask. If I come to the table with requests that aren’t a part of the software, they do their best to help me find an alternative solution or even consider it as a suggested feature so it can be built into the system at a later time. I’ve actually seen some of my suggestions show up as features and that’s been awesome.

"Having all my security status data centralized in one place makes my life a whole lot less stressful."

// Corey Dolan, IT Technician 


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