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Asset management: All you need to know

How can you manage the business value of endpoints you can’t see? Legacy tools and siloed systems are blind to modern, distributed assets. Only cloud-native solutions enable full, real-time visibility to all your Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.


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How to choose the best IT asset management software

What is IT Asset Management?

At its core, IT Asset Management is a centralized set of business practices that maximize the value of all IT systems and assets in an organization, from servers and laptops to software and cloud workloads. Effective asset management incorporates everything into a single business operation across all business units, joining financial, inventory, contractual and risk management considerations to manage the overall asset life cycle.

An organization’s technology is a major investment and revenue driver. Having full visibility and control of all assets is critical to tactical and strategic decision-making, which delivers short-, medium-, and long-term returns on investment.

Why asset management matters

IT asset management drives better decision-making, yet it also optimizes everyone’s experience with technology. Every employee in an organization is essentially a customer of IT asset management. If they do not have the best tools for their jobs, the greater business will see an impact.

Successful IT asset management affords the visibility to balance technology requirements and business needs, so that everyone across the organization is thriving toward the same shared business goals.

Questions to ask as you evaluate asset management solutions

1. Time is money. Does the solution reduce administrative labor hours and operations costs?

2. Implementing legacy asset management programs can take months. How fast can you get up and running with the IT operations tool? in 15 minutes?

3. No one wants different tools to manage different platforms. Can the tool provide native support for Microsoft® Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® devices from a single platform and management console

4. End-users don’t need unnecessary interruptions. Will the IT operations tool interfere with user productivity to maintain compliance?

The best asset management software and what to look for.

Your peers have spoken, and they’ve identified the essential factors to consider when choosing the best IT operations solution for managing IT assets.

  • Ease of use and ease of deployment

  • Speed of solution and speed of setup

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

See why your peers count on Automox to ensure every endpoint is always configured, and always secure.

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