SentinelOne + Automox Partnership


SentinelOne identifies unpatched devices while Automox ensures vulnerabilities are immediately patched.

Unpatched and misconfigured systems represent a massive weak spot in enterprise security representing 80 percent of the corporate attack surface. Some of the world’s most devastating data breaches were driven by the failure of the organizations to patch known vulnerabilities. Through this partnership, SentinelOne and Automox are empowering customers to rapidly enforce proper cyber hygiene by automating the process of patching OS and Third Party software vulnerabilities through the SentinelOne endpoint protection platform.

SentinelOne and Automox Webinar: Automating Every Patch Tuesday

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By combining the deep network visibility only SentinelOne provides with the automated patch management capabilities of Automox, customers can now rapidly eliminate the vulnerabilities on their network and focus on higher level activities such as advanced threat hunting.
Daniel Bernard
CMO, SentinelOne

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