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Real-time Investigation and Resolution

Connect directly and securely to any device to investigate, troubleshoot, and resolve issues.

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Is Your Resolution Process Part of the Problem?

Troubleshooting IT issues and Help Desk tickets often requires remotely accessing an end user's device to investigate and resolve whatever is wrong. Taking control of a user's device remotely sounds easy enough until you go to do it in the real-world.

Shifting between multiple tools to launch remote control, or worse, re-assigning the ticket to another admin or team who “owns” the tool, extends resolution times. With a short window to resolve IT tickets, extended fix times cause missed SLAs and can infuriate your users.

Pain-Free Troubleshooting at Your Fingertips

Automox elevates your IT and Help Desk troubleshooting operations by removing the need for yet another tool or process. From a single console, remotely access your user's Windows 10 and 11 devices to gain immediate access to a user's device without unnecessary complexity. Quickly investigate and fix complex issues that require device access, such as Windows update issues, network configuration problems, and more. With direct access, you can easily validate that critical issues have been resolved.

Real-time investigation and remediation. One single console. No additional tools or processes.

Fix Issues Faster

See what your users see and increase resolution efficiency by consolidating investigation and remediation in one cloud-native console with a single agent.


Gain Quick Visibility

With real-time visibility of issues, remove the workflow hand-offs or platform-hopping to get your users back to being productive fast.


Validate with Confidence

Attended sessions create a secure and encrypted client-to-console interaction for protected device interactions and investigation.


How Does Remote Control Work?

Take your Help Desk resolution process from slow and painful to fast and powerful in minutes.



Global Administrators, Zone Administrators, and Zone Operators can use remote control directly from the Device Page. From the Automox console, go to the Devices Page and select the Windows 10 or 11 device you would like to securely access.



A Device Details page will then open providing a range of details that are beneficial to the investigation process when triaging issues. To enable Remote Control, simply click on the Remote Control prompt and Automox will launch the session.



A separate window will appear as the Automox agent installs and starts the session on the targeted device. Once the user grants permission to access their device, you now have full remote access to start troubleshooting including viewing the user's screen(s), running Powershell scripts (including Worklets), as well as copying and pasting via Clipboard.

Ready to see Remote Control in action?

With a few simple clicks, see how fast and easy it is to view and resolve IT issues.

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