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The Future of ITOps

Automox delivers all the features you need for radically efficient IT operations. Our latest product updates make managing your environment easier, faster, and more secure than ever before.

FDT Endpoint Management

Your Life Just Got Way Easier

We've released all new features so you can make data-driven decisions faster, target any device at any time, minimize end user disruption, and accelerate your automation capabilities with Community Worklets™.

Technical Integration with Palo Alto XSOAR

Save time and maximize your existing IT and security investment with our all new Cortex XSOAR technical integration. Connect and orchestrate your Automox tasks and data insights from within the Cortex platform, or, scrap your old vulnerability management process and automatically ingest and remediate vulnerability scan data in seconds.

Supercharge your XSOAR orchestration with AutomoxTechnical Integration with Palo Alto XSOAR

Introducing modern role-based access control (RBAC) for the enterprise. Global Zone Management eliminates operational inefficiency, mismanaged endpoints, and the security gaps that result from traditional access control. Customizable to any organization - whether by hierarchy, geography, or business structure.

Revolutionize your Role-Based Access Controlvidyard image

Take full advantage of the Automox platform with the Community Insight Hub. The Insight Hub features short videos and articles that help you unlock radical efficiency with our platform, new features, and the API.

Start LearningInsight Hub

Make data-driven decisions faster with a single source of truth. Unite Automox's device, policy, and event information with the rest of your enterprise data. With the Automox add-on and dashboard for Splunk, take advantage of customizable alerts, reports, and dashboards to uncover patterns and enable cross-team visibility.

Learn more about Automox and SplunkSplunk Integration

Supercharge your cyber resilience and streamline vulnerability remediation from third party solutions with Vulnerability Sync. Integrate detection data from Crowdstrike, Rapid7, Tenable, and more to accelerate patching of vulnerable devices and reduce your attack surface faster than ever before.

Learn more about Vulnerability SyncVulnerability Sync

Dynamically target devices to patch, deploy software, or automate any scriptable action with custom Worklets. Device Targeting puts administrators in the driver's seat with real time filtering at the time of policy execution, regardless of device group.

Learn more about flexible device targeting and policy management

Flexible Device Targeting

Minimize system downtime and user disruption to patch, deploy software, or automate anything - with the flexibility to schedule in the device's local time or at the same time organization-wide, regardless of local time.

Learn more about setting a policy scheduleGlobal Synchronized Scheduling

Illuminate device patch history with detailed device, patch, and event data. Easily export the data into your favorite business intelligence application for game-changing insights.

Learn more about the patch history data extractReporting: Patch History ExtractReporting: Patch History Extract

Crowdsource your automation and stand on the shoulders of the community with certified Automox Worklets to automate any scriptable task from a single, cloud-native console.

Learn more about Worklets and the community catalogWorklet Catalog: Community Worklets

Put end users in the driver's seat with reboots. If a reboot is required after a patch, customize notification length and minimize end user disruption with automatic reboot deferrals if the user doesn't acknowledge the notification.

Learn more about reboot configurationAutomatic Reboot Deferral

Improve your security posture and satisfy compliance requirements by enforcing organization-wide two-factor authentication for all Automox console users with the click of a button.

Learn more about two-factor authenticationOrganization-Wide Two-Factor Authentication Enforcement

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