Complete Endpoint Visibility and Control

Maintain complete endpoint visibility and inventory of all software from a single pane of glass.

What is hardware and software inventory management?

As organizations grow, so do their needs for diverse software and technology solutions to complete tasks. Tracking the inventory of all the digital and physical assets gets complicated, especially as organizations continue to expand beyond the borders of the office walls with remote employees.

Maintaining complete visibility into the endpoints and software used in the day-to-day operations also provides the information needed to manage patching, risk mitigation, and endpoint hardening decisions. The ability to see all endpoints and applications from a single console enables administrators to identify misconfigured systems, missing patches, or compliance issues.

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Key benefits and technical requirements of our cloud-native patch management tool.

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Full visibility of remote user endpoints

See how Automox allows you to better manage and secure your distributed laptop fleets.

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Single dashboard view of all endpoints


Identify misconfigured systems

Unpatched and misconfigured endpoints and software represent 80% of the corporate attack surface for malicious players against corporate infrastructure and security solutions. Automox policies automate the fundamentals of cyber hygiene, helping admins patch systems, ensure the right software is installed, and maintain required configurations.


Discover missing patches

Missing patches can leave infrastructures vulnerable to attack. With Automox, you have real-time visibility into the vulnerability status of all corporate endpoints, no matter the location or domain. Our cloud-native solution allows admins to deploy patches quickly and seamlessly, with minimal support needed.

Patching is a thankless, redundant job that should be automated, which is why we chose Automox.

Jared Haggerty // CEO of Databerry

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Ensure Organizational Compliance


Enforce compliance across all endpoints

Having full visibility of endpoint compliance is becoming more critical. Automox's cloud-based patching solution enables companies to quickly and easily get a handle on their entire server and network device infrastructure. Every system is visible through a single dashboard, along with every outstanding vulnerability.


Complete software inventory

Automox provides a complete inventory of all hardware, software, patches, and configuration details for your corporate endpoints. You can remediate patch vulnerabilities, deploy required software, and fix misconfigured systems without the need for multiple tools. Our tool works across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, and provides third-party patching support.

Why Automox patch management?

Automox is leading the industry in building and delivering modern cyber hygiene solutions that provide the fundamental benefits needed to be confident in system security.

Endpoint hardening from a single console

Endpoint hardening from a single console

Reduce tool fatigue and fragmentation created by years of complicated and outdated on-premises product purchases. Patch, configure, take inventory and report to all your corporate devices from a single interface, no matter the location or domain.

Quickly remediate vulnerabilities

Quickly remediate vulnerabilities

From out-of-band patch updates to software installed on endpoints, Automox enables administrators to remediate vulnerabilities quickly across all their corporate devices. Our automated, cloud-native console delivers greater control and flexibility to manage critical updates faster than adversaries can exploit them.

Automated cyber hygiene at your fingertips

Automated cyber hygiene at your fingertips

Automated policies and groups enable you to harden your endpoints faster than adversaries can exploit vulnerabilities. Only Automox lets you automate any task that can be scripted on any endpoint, regardless of location or domain.

With Automox Worklets™, you can automate and enforce any scriptable action on endpoints, from software deployment to enforcing local configuration policies. If it can be scripted in PowerShell (Windows) or Bash (Linux and macOS), it can be automated with Automox.