Configuration Management

Our cloud-native solution easily manages and enforces your endpoint configurations to ensure continuous compliance with corporate policy and industry regulations.


Automate Configuration Management Across Windows, Mac, and Linux From the Cloud

Automox works across Windows, Mac and Linux operating system versions, allowing you to configure and enforce configuration requirements for clients, servers, virtual machines, containers, and cloud instances. No servers, configurations, or networking to manage.


Custom Configuration Settings

Custom-built and pre-set configuration settings can be modified for both the evaluation criteria and remediation action. Once established, Automox ensures the configuration remains enforced automatically.


Install, Block, and Remove Any Software

Set up worklets to evaluate for a required or blocked (blacklisted) software title. Once identified, Automox easily installs it if not present, blocks it from your endpoints, or removes it - all on a schedule.

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We evaluated competitors such as Microsoft and Symantec but the costs were unreasonable and the onboarding process was complicated and required weeks or months of education and training.
Jared Haggerty
CEO, Databerry