Automox vs. ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus. Which is best?

Face it. Legacy patch management solutions require more operational overhead than you'd like. It's time to step away from the difficult to administer legacy tools for a cost-efficient cloud-native solution that just works.

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Why Automox?

Simply put, Automox is easy as cloud. Because there's no complex infrastructure to manage-and since Automox delivers broad cross-platform support for Windows, macOS and Linux from a single console-Automox simplifies your endpoint management, to reduce cost and eliminate risk.

FEATUREManage Enegine Patch ManagerADVANTAGE
Cloud-native consoleXAutomox manages everything from a single agent and cloud console. ManageEngine's cloud-based control requires multiple agents and configurations - adding complexity for your IT teams and more time spent on deployment.
Legacy OS patching supportXAutomox can patch legacy operating systems including Windows XP, Server 2003, and Windows 7. ManageEngine's legacy support will end in February 2020.
Unlimited Admin accountsXAutomox allows unlimited administrator accounts at no extra cost. ManageEngine charges per administrator after the first admin account.
Feature extensibilityXAutomox delivers an extensible automation platform for any task. ManageEngine's product lineup is locked into the provided capabilities that come out of the box and align to the roadmap.

It's clear why Automox is better.

Want to work faster, smarter, and easier from one, centralized solution?

With Automox, you can view and manage your endpoints with a single, easy to deploy agent that works across Windows, OSX or Linux endpoints without extra configuration—whether they're on-prem, in the cloud or on the move. ManageEngine can't say the same.


Looking to automate your cyber hygiene?

Out-of-the-box, Automox delivers the features you need to automate your cyber hygiene, including OS, software and 3rd party patching, system inventory, software deployment, and configuration management. Automating these tasks can immediately increase your speed to remediation by 97%. Automox's extensible design allows users to automate any action through custom policy Automox Worklets™.

Automox ranked the best cloud-native, cross-platform solution for patch management and IT operations.

According to the Winter 2020 G2 Patch Management Report, real customers ranked Automox as the highest rated cloud-native solution vs. other leading solutions. And more.

Leader Spring 2022

Automox continues to be one of the industry's leading solutions, according to first-party data from real customer reviews.

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Highest User Adoption

Getting started with Automox is quick, easy, and painless - regardless of OS, location, or third-party applications.

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Customers rate Automox as the easiest IT operations solution on the market today.