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About Dizzion

Dizzion is a global provider of end-user cloud services, including cloud delivered Desktops-as-a-Service, paired with complementary offerings like secure endpoints, application streaming, cloud storage, PCI-DSS compliance, and HIPAA HITECH compliance. The company is delivering the next generation of virtual desktop solutions to meet the demands of a remote global workforce in industries with stringent security, regulatory and compliance requirements, including business process outsourcing, financial services, healthcare, and insurance. Dizzion’s mission is to enable users to securely access applications and data from any device, from anywhere, increasing security, mobility and productivity.

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The biggest difference in my day-to-day as a CTO is that I sleep really well knowing that our systems are patched, and if they’re not patched, we know about it and can do something about it quickly. With Automox’s cloud-based platform, I don’t have to worry about the intricacies of the patch management process. My team can focus on customer service.
Robert Green
CTO and Co-Founder


We have hundreds of unique customer deployments and manage thousands of endpoint, virtual desktop and application services. Those endpoint, virtual desktop and application services are accessed by tens of thousands of individual users as our desktops are available in concurrent or multiple user use case configurations. We required the flexibility and scalability to patch many different operating systems as well as the broad spectrum of third party software applications required by our customers so that we can take that burden off of our customers’ IT teams. Our mission is to create tool sets that simplify the management and support for our customers businesses and that can be applied to various customer use cases as needed.

We were originally utilizing an internal tool that required our platform engineering team to deliver patch management for our infrastructure. I wanted my team focused on supporting our customers, not being experts in patch management. We needed a robust, reliable patch management solution that served all of our customers and gave us confidence that all endpoints were secure, regardless of OS, software, or location.

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Automox takes the guesswork out of managing thousands of endpoints.
Robert Green
CTO and Co-Founder


As an end-user computing platform, we create “buckets” of modular infrastructures that we refer to as Pods for the delivery of our solutions. You can think of a Pod like an apartment building. Each customer has their own virtual apartment within that apartment building. We create these Pods all over the world with each Pod supporting approximately 2,000 unique desktops. Automox’s cloud-based platform allows us to automate the repetitive, yet critical, components of security hygiene, which include keeping operating systems and software patched, policing the deployment of 3rd party software applications, and managing endpoint configurations for our customers.

Results & Benefits

Through our partnership with Automox, customers have full visibility into their infrastructure inventory, and are able to manage their patching and be in more control without having to rely on our engineers to create their patching policies. They can effectively manage patching themselves, which is a huge benefit and gives our customers the automated control to keep their endpoints secure. Automox makes it intuitive and easy to see the status of any endpoint, which devices are in and out of compliance, when updates are scheduled to run and whether or not those updates have been executed. They take the guesswork out of managing thousands of endpoints. One of the components we use all the time is the ability to remotely install software applications. We can not only keep existing software patched, but can also manage and police the deployment of all 3rd party software. With Automox I always know how secure my customers are, which makes everything more predictable.

I no longer worry about whether my customers' endpoints are patched and secure. With Automox's dashboard and reporting features, I know instantly when a device is non-compliant, and I can do something about it immediately.
Robert Green
CTO and Co-Founder, Dizzion

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