The Top 3 Reasons Automated Patch Management Matters to Your CEO

The Top 3 Reasons Automated Patch Management Matters to Your CEO

Let’s face it, not every CEO is going to care about your IT infrastructure, let alone your patch management plan. In fact, most aren’t going to care. But they should. You know that and we know that. The problem is that the CEO is too far removed from the day-to-day matters of running an IT department. It is in your best interests to make sure that the executive suite understands the impact of the work that you are doing. Specifically, you’ll want to convey how you’re protecting all of your devices with automated patch management. To get their attention, here are the top 3 reasons it matters to your CEO.

Of course, you’ll want to put the benefits of automated patching into terms that your executive team will understand and appreciate. With organizations leaning on the IT organization for more of their operational issues, and with DevOps being a competitive advantage, how you run your infrastructure matters. It matters to you and your job, but it also makes a significant impact for your business. Can you offer more services to your existing customers or perhaps you want to deliver new products or services? IT organizations are the lynchpin to making this happen.


Today’s IT environments are more at risk than ever. With more hackers, nation state sponsored cyber criminals, and rogue insiders, your CEO wants to know that you aren’t an easy target. What’s one of the easiest doors that malicious actors can knock on? Outdated operating system and applications. There are any number of vulnerabilities that major pieces of software have and that’s the easiest way in for a hacker. Find an unpatched system or application and you are in. In fact, most of the exploits are well documented and on the web – a hacker just needs to find a vulnerable system. Don’t let your infrastructure be one of those easy targets. Remind your CEO that patch management is the front line of defense securing your IT infrastructure and making it much harder for hackers to get into your network.


Many patches contain new features and updates. If you are behind in your patching, then you are missing out on new innovations from your software providers. Those new features can unlock improved capabilities for your team and may help you deliver new innovations for your customers. CEO’s trust that their teams are leading the way with new technology, yet many IT organizations end up being multiple releases behind on their patching and lose out on the value that their software solutions could provide. Sharing important new features included in patch updates and how they impact the business keeps the CEO aware of the latest trends.


A completely patched infrastructure is going to be more efficient. All of your systems will be on the same OS version. All of your users will have the same application software version. That means that your operational activities are happening on the same platforms. You won’t need to have exceptions to your processes for older versions of software which can get expensive and time consuming. CEO’s expect everyone to be working efficiently and don’t have time to oversee whether or not they are, so keeping patches updated removes any doubt. As well, if you are on the latest versions of software those are generally most efficient on the use of your hardware which means, for example, your AWS cloud servers will be less utilized, you can have more Docker containers on a single server, or your Windows, Mac, and Linux laptops and desktops can last longer.

There are a large number of reasons to keep your patch management and IT infrastructure up-to-date, but these three might be the most important for your CEO. All of these items translate into lower overall cost of running your systems and the ability to leverage IT to build new capabilities for the organization.

If you would like to learn more about the top 3 reasons for automated patch management, drop us a note. Or, give our SaaS-based patch management solution a try for yourself. Sign-up for a free 15-day trial and ensure that your Windows, Mac, Linux systems are up-to-date and key applications such as Java, Microsoft Office, Adobe, and more.

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