A Single Solution For Patching

Staying on top of updates and patches is one of the most important elements of IT security today. If your operating system is not up to date with patches, you are 3 times as likely to experience a data breach that can cost your business in lost revenue, unhappy customers, and expensive lawsuits. Malware and ransomware including WannaCry and Petya were designed to exploit networks that fail to patch known vulnerabilities, and delaying to patch 3rd party applications can also have dire effects: The massive Equifax breach was a consequence of a vulnerable 3rd party application for which a patch was available.

Even as the effects of not patching have become more clear, the number of companies that do not have an effective patch management process in place has remained high. Studies have found that 90% of all exploited vulnerabilities are at least a year old, and 20% of vulnerabilities have had a patch available for over 10 years. A major contributor to this lack of patching is a growing difficulty for companies to manage patches across thousands of endpoints with different operating systems (and versions) combined with an increasing number of cloud based 3rd party applications.

Legacy Patching Solutions are No Longer Effective

When the importance of patching was first brought to light, most networks consisted of on-premise servers and workstations that ran primarily on Windows. Microsoft provided free and paid tools in order for users to handle patching more efficiently, and other operating systems and 3rd party applications were patched manually if at all.

Enterprises who could afford automated patching implemented on-premise solutions which often required complex configurations and their own ongoing server maintenance. While these systems worked for Windows applications, unfortunately for these solutions, Mac and Linux operating systems gained in popularity and 3rd party applications moved to the cloud where end users could download them without IT’s knowledge.

The percent of patches on-premise solutions actually handle has diminished, leaving IT with the choices of an increasing manual patching workload, spending even more on additional solutions to handle these applications, or simply not patching them and increasing their attack surface. These options all lead to poor cyber hygiene and introduce inefficiencies that IT departments simply can’t afford.

Single Patching Solution for OS’s and 3rd Party Software

It’s clear that a single patching solution that works across operating systems and handles 3rd party applications is needed in order to provide full confidence that patches are current across the infrastructure. Automox is a cloud-based, Patching-as-a-Service solution that was created to seamlessly patch today’s complex networks from a single dashboard.

With a lightweight cloud agent that can be quickly installed across endpoints, Automox patches Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems, as well as 3rd party applications. And, as a cloud based solution, you can patch remote devices and your cloud infrastructure as easily as local on prem endpoints. This centralization of the patching process provides you with a single source of truth. Cloud based automated patching also reduces the resource requirements dedicated to manual patching and reduces your attack surface by as much as 90%.

On installation, Automox provides immediate visibility into patch status of every workstation and server in your infrastructure, no matter where they are located. Automox provides a list of which endpoints are in need of patches, based on severity level. You can take advantage of a fully automated “set it and forget it” patching process, or apply your own policies so that the patching automation is integrated with your existing workflow. And with a cloud based solution, there is no additional server to maintain.

To try us out as your patching system of record, sign up for our free trial. We don’t require a credit card and you’ll have full platform access with no endpoint limit. If you want to learn more, you can visit our website anytime.


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