Automoxers Rally for September Giving Event

Among the many things a global pandemic has interfered with, volunteerism and non-profit work took a significant hit in the past year. As discussed in a previous blog, Automox did a number of fundraisers over that time, and we were excited to get some group volunteer projects together as part of Automox #Giving. However, as we regrouped over the summer to plan our next quarterly Giving Friday, a spike in COVID-19 cases caused us to pause large group activities. It did not, however, hinder the passion and enthusiasm of this team to give back!

We chose to focus on food insecurity again this quarter, as it remains a major issue. The #Giving committee felt that putting it in the spotlight outside of the year-end drives was important, and as families sent their kids back to school it became an even bigger focus. Instead of organizing large events, we tried to connect Automoxers with resources for local services they could support – and as usual, encourage everyone to take some time on Giving Friday to step out from behind their desk and help out. They certainly did!

Automox September Giving By the Numbers

  • $1,250 donated to Feeding America
  • $1,250 donated to Save The Children
  • 1,100 pounds of pet food delivered
  • 500 packages of chicken bagged and boxed for delivery
  • 200 breakfasts served at Denver Rescue Mission
  • 150 postpartum care bags stuffed
  • 70 boxes of food donated or packed and loaded into trunks
  • 25 bags of trash collected (in 95-degree heat)
  • 40+ volunteer hours
Automox employees volunteering at food bank.
Employees volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank during Automox's Giving Friday event on September 17, 2021.
Automox employee volunteers for There with Care
Automox employee Carly Otte packs postpartum care bags.

As Automox grows and expands across the country (remote-first as we are), we will grow and adapt our programs for volunteering and giving. But in any form, it’s great to see everyone out there giving back to their communities!

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