Remote Work: The Coronavirus Effect on Your Cybersecurity Posture

Coronavirus, or COVID-19 officially, is the latest and potentially most impactful pandemic-level event to grace the pale blue dot in the past century. To date, over 3200 deaths related to COVID-19 have been reported with 100,000 confirmed cases in over 80 countries worldwide. Experts note that COVID-19 is causing the same disruptions and financial impact on the manufacturing and transportation sectors predicted to accompany a large cyberattack.

In response, many organizations are restricting travel, closing offices, and preparing for a short- to mid-term remote workforce. This sudden, unexpected shift in business operations may catch some organizations flat-footed. Although many industries are embracing remote workforces, fully remote teams remain uncommon

Sudden shift to a remote workforce may cause issues

As organizations are suddenly forced to embrace a remote workforce in the face of COVID-19, there are some considerations that many organizations may not have considered as well as an uncomfortable truth.

The uncomfortable truth

Threat actors don’t care about your pain points. A sudden upheaval in an organization’s processes is a ripe target for adversaries. 

News about the virus is hitting search engines and news headlines, with cybercriminals using the name “COVID-19” and “Coronavirus” as keywords to launch malicious campaigns in the digital world. Researchers have found that 10 files dubbed as “coronavirus spread”-related documents circulating on the web are filled with malevolent infections such as ransomware, crypto-mining malware, and browser detail siphoning.

As your endpoints shift to an unplanned remote architecture, patching and endpoint hardening are often impacted. Users resist cumbersome VPN connections and won’t get the critical updates from your legacy on-prem solutions. This, in turn, will cause patching gaps and configuration drift.

users resist VPNs when shifting to remote work

Adversaries are able to weaponize new vulnerabilities in only 7 days. Once a vulnerability is disclosed, it’s a race to either secure or exploit; and it turns out that our adversaries run a sprinter’s race to weaponization, while most of us are still running an operational endurance race when it comes to endpoint hardening and applying critical patches.

Remote workforces still need patching & endpoint hardening

Needing to work remotely does not mean you need to sacrifice patching and hardening. Stay ahead of threats exploiting this workplace disruption where legacy tools fail to compensate. With today’s suddenly remote workforce, modern companies need to ensure security updates for remote devices. Traditional on-premises solutions that manage remote endpoints through a VPN can only make updates when users connect to a network. Only cloud-native solutions can deliver a complete cyber hygiene platform with fully automated patch management for a remote workforce. No VPN required.

only cloud-native solutions can fully automate a remote workforce

Are you ready? Introducing a modern approach to patch management

Get a clear view of all your corporate endpoints no matter how remote your workers are. Deploy a modern approach to patch management that doesn’t require controlled, on-prem solutions that cause patch queues whenever users connect to the VPN. With Automox, you get continuous visibility and control of all your endpoints from a single console. No need to require remote users to connect through the corporate network of VPN. Our micro agent unobtrusively monitors and inventories each remote device through our cloud service.

Protect all remote endpoints no matter where they are. Manage corporate-owned devices, bring-your-own laptops, devices in the cloud, and irrespective of domain membership.

As you adapt your cybersecurity posture to accommodate this sudden shift to a remote workforce, use this opportunity to reduce the complexity and lower your IT operations costs compared to traditional on-premises solutions. Our modern, cloud-native approach lets you effectively automate your cyber hygiene tasks without impacting your local or remote employees’ productivity - in crisis or not.


About Automox Automated Patch Management


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